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Most of every one of you heard about the leading eCommerce giants Amazon and Flipkart. A website that sells products with online payment facilities is called an eCommerce website.

It is an eCommerce PHP written an open source framework. Until July 2018 there are 2,00,000 online businesses that are using Magento for their eCommerce business. Magento eCommerce development services USA. It was launched in 2001, now it is offering 1500 plugins and extensions to the users. It is the most popular and best eCommerce platform for startups and for many small as well as large businesses.

As per one survey, about 51% of people of US have completely dodged the physical stores and start shopping from the eCommerce counterparts. This happens because of Magento.

So, here are the top reasons why should your USA based startup or small business need to switch to Magento eCommerce Development Services in 2018.

1) SEO friendly eCommerce platform

The platform of this e-commerce is SEO friendly which basically means that your website will be always ranked on the top, as a results give you a wider range of audience. Also, it gives many customized meta descriptions, keywords, Google sitemaps etc. All these things are usually required for improving the online eCommerce sites search engine rankings. Magento SEO solves many problems by improving the store in a better way. The copied content, indexing, traffic, landing pages, etc are maintained by it’s SEO.

2) Ready to use extensions

This eCommerce come with different extensions which help in adding and changing new features as per the dealt product through the website. Also, makes the process easier and more helpful for the customers when they browse the website. Magento web Development services USA help the developers in delivering fast responses to the customers.

3) Secured platform

When it comes to eCommerce websites, security becomes an essential part of every business. It becomes a big challenge for those who don’t take care much about the security. With this eCommerce, its development companies guarantee the customers about their security as all the transactions on the website of it are secured with special data encryption. So, there is no chance of breaches in security.

4) Highly flexible

For online businesses, it is one of the best eCommerce platforms. It always gives good flexibility to all the traders, no matter if you are having a large or small business, relevant or irrelevant number of products. Because of all this, many companies take interest in buying this to get full accountability and ownership of their product.

5) Customer segmentation

Based on many factors like purchasing history, user activity, demographics and shopping cart details, small and big companies or businesses can easily separate their customer base. This feature helps many companies in planning their online marketing and sale strategies as they full authority over their data. Which also give them relevant information about the customer’s behaviour and their segments which they have reached.

6) Mobility

You can easily arrange native applications for iPad/iPhone and Android devices with the Magento eCommerce platform. These devices carry an HTML5 interface. Also, developers can easily build mobile websites that can also connect to the website. It is very easy to drag-and-drop and slide-and-zoom on your mobile website by its amazing mobility function.

7) Magento’s community

As a it is an open source platform, it attracts a big community around it because all developers love open source platforms. The community of it is about 150000 strong. Also in USA, Magento eCommerce web development services are available. The web developers work in the manner that they create extensions and improve the eCommerce platforms in different ways. The popularity and the number of developers and development companies as well define that the platform is open source and highly flexible.

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