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Online marketing is all about building a brand for a particular business. SEO and SMO both are used to build brand identity. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your business in reaching your customers when they search for service or a product through a search engine. Basically, SEO increases your chances of being found by new users. SEO has been around since the introduction of the search engine in the ’90s. SEO is one of the cost-effective ways to increase and to build your business compared to any other methods of ads, flyers or commercials.

On the other side, SMO refers to optimizing your social media platform to bring new users and build a brand for your business. People are using Social Media Optimization in 2006. SEO is the optimized use of social media such as RSS feed, videos, blogs, forums, websites such as Facebook, Twitter to enhance the reach of your business. SMO is one way of sharing web content on social media. Both SEO and SMO are very cost effective ways of digital marketing to expand your business.

Here are the main differences between SEO and SMO,

==> SEO is used to get your business noticed, And SMO is used to market your business online.
==> SEO helps in increasing your website traffic. While SMO help in building the connection with the prospective customers. SMO helps in building a strong and long customer base.
==> SEO is done by selecting keywords and creating a title tag, description, and many more HTML code things. Whereas SMO is used to spread awareness and the information about the product or service via sharing links, tags, posts on the different social networking sites.
==> SEO is a time-consuming process also, it takes a longer time to show results. On the other hand, SMO is quicker then SEO, it only concrete in terms of results.
One of the key differences between SEO and SMO is the networking aspect. SMO results depend on networking and strong profile, while SEO can be done without this.

Individually SEO and SMO undoubtedly produce valuable results. If you’re not doing SEO it means you’re opening a shop but not promoting it among the customers. Using SEO can help you get maximum users on your website. Search Engine Optimization and Social media Optimization has replaced all the traditional techniques like billboards, ads on street wall and many more. Web pages or links shared and liked on social media helps in increasing the rank of the site in Search Engine Optimization.

In all, both SEO and SMO are used to achieve a common purpose, to increase traffic, improve site ranking, and more boosting traffic related things. With Windzoon Technologies – SEO, SMO company in Ahmedabad get the complete web marketing solutions for different businesses. We offer you the lowest rates for SEO, SMO, Content Writing, PPC and local search optimization. To take utmost benefits of SEO and SMO contact team of Windzoon Technologies- SEO, SMO company in Ahmedabad.

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