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The recent report of Counterpoint made a huge buzz in the smartphone market revealing the statistics of 2015. The story which stats are saying is thoroughly unprecedented in the smartphone history. India, suggesting the strength of its populous side, has earned the position of world’s 2nd largest smartphone market with 220 million active unique smartphone users. Apparently, the nation has snatched the place from The US in multiple aspects of the market. The report says that smartphone units shipped to India have crossed 100 million mark, making 23.3% yearly growth.

Q4 saw the maximum rise in the quarterly sale of the same year, taking shoulder of the festive season which covers a majority of the fourth quarter. The most astonishing fact is that the penetration of smartphone is yet below 30% of its potential pool of people. Now imagine it surpasses 50% of the total mobile users, what will it become?! Probably something like ‘Zion’ for smartphone manufacturers and app development companies.

Copping up with global advancement, Indian smartphone market is also witnessing a humongous hike in 4G LTE devices. A paramount increase in LTE enable smartphones’ sale and decreasing base price of average LTE phones are seem to be ringing bell for the Indian telecom companies to make the most of their 4G offerings. The market research agency stated that 4G services in the country are going to cover more mass in lesser time than 3G had taken.

The current time in the country passing through a great shifting phase since the sales of featurephones declined drastically. The huge chunk of smartphone user switching to 3G or even 4G for that matter, from aged 2G. Foreign players like Motorola, Xiaomi, One Plus and Lenovo have been tasting a spoonful of success escalating online sales in partnership with eCom dominators like Amazon and Flipkart. Government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign has proved to be catching eyes of global smartphone manufacturers, which will drive many of them to establish their production facility in India.

Apart from the smartphone statistics, there are a few more facts that are going to leave a major impact on gizmo arena. India is going to be the youngest country by the end of 2020 with 64% of its crowd comprises of working age group, the supreme category influences smartphone market the most. Though it’s arguably far from near feature, but there lies the reason, as to why smart gadget companies should keep planning big for this country.

There’s even more for those companies to cash in on the current situation, make instant action plans to grab the fair share of the market. The government of India has just inaugurated ‘Smart cities’ initiative under which 20 cities will be developed with high tech IT infrastructure in the first phase. It aims to enhance the internet facilities and improvising IT ecosystem. This makes a big time opportunity for all the relevant technology as well as telecom organization around the globe to join the movement, in return, have the balance sheet rocking.

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