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The constant advancement in technology has radically changed our way of living. Our needs & ways to fulfill these needs today are entirely different than those some years ago. Nowadays, we meet our various needs by just using our smartphones. We order groceries, medicines, clothes, & so many different things from online shopping sites.

These sites provide customers the benefits like easy accessibility, convenience, & cost-saving. And these benefits become the reason why more & more people turning toward online shopping. Hence, this changed shopping preference of people has become the booming factor behind the impressive growth of the e-commerce industry.

eCommerce Industry Market Share
eCommerce Industry Market Share

As per Morgan Stanley, the global e-commerce market has grown to 21% in 2021 from 15% in 2019. Furthermore, the industry’s market share is currently $3.3 trillion and is expected to grow to about $5.4 trillion by 2026.

Well, this pushes businesses to create robust e-commerce sites that provide a seamless experience to the end-users. However, the question is which platform to choose for custom e-commerce web development. There are many platforms available for developing e-commerce solutions like ready-made CMS & PHP platforms.

Why Do E-Commerce Businesses Use CMS platforms?

Nowadays, many companies use CMS platforms like Laravel, WordPress & Drupal for e-commerce development. These CMS platforms have pre-built plugins & extensions. It can create custom e-commerce sites with a refined user interface.

Besides, it requires less development time & is a cost-effective option for building small & medium-level websites. These benefits are the reason why many businesses insist upon using these ready-made CMS for their e-commerce site development.

Problems Associated With CMS Platforms Like WordPress & Drupal

However, before you choose any CMS platform for e-commerce development, it is advisable to consider its limitations. The success of any e-commerce site mainly depends on its security, scalability, & speed. And the performance of the WordPress & Drupal platforms is not up to par with these factors.

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Got Confused About Which E-Commerce Platform Is Best For You?

We understand after learning about the limitations of WordPress & Drupal CMS platforms; it becomes difficult for you to choose the right platform. However, we would suggest you prefer Laravel CMS for your e-commerce development project.

Laravel is one of the renowned open-source PHP frameworks. It powers around six million-plus websites globally. Besides, it provides a clean code structure, high scalability, & robust security for all types of web development.

These features turn Laravel into the best framework for e-commerce website development. However, we have explained some reasons to select Laravel for custom e-commerce development. It will solve your doubts regarding the competency of the Laravel framework for e-commerce store development.

13 Ultimate Reasons to Choose Laravel for Advanced E-Commerce Web Development

Laravel is one of the revolutionary & mightiest PHP frameworks. In addition to being free and open-source, it has an elegant syntax and is highly expressive. Laravel has feature-rich solutions that help developers to build the most secure and advanced e-commerce solutions. To take the optimum benefit of the Laravel framework, take help from a prominent Laravel development company in India and USA.

1. Avail of Budget-friendly Store Development With Its Self-sufficient Framework

Laravel’s extensive & customized deployment to different servers makes it a self-sufficient framework. That means it doesn’t require any third-party tools & software to provide various features.

Laravel’s own significant features make it possible to build & deploy an e-commerce store with zero downtime. Besides, it significantly cut down the development cost of an e-commerce website.

2. Faster Development with In-built Packages & Libraries

Most PHP frameworks come with in-built libraries & packages that facilitate the development work. However, Laravel comes with 35+ useful pre-installed libraries & pre-made packages. It offers numerous developmental features.

These features include high scalability, omnichannel support, & self-determining operations. It also helps in managing security and making customized workflow designs. Developers utilized these in-built libraries & pre-made packages to build high-performing & feature-filled e-commerce websites.

Besides, these in-built packages help in the faster development of your project & are free of cost. It means you only have to pay for the services the Laravel website development company provides, not for utilizing these packages.

3. Protect Your Website From Cyber-attacks With a Robust & Secure Architecture

With the increasing rate of data theft, maintaining the security of e-commerce websites is the greatest challenge. These websites use multiple payment gateways & store sensitive consumer data. The storage of sensitive data makes these websites compliant to be robust & secure.

And an e-commerce website built with Laravel can provide the highest safety & security than any other PHP framework. It automatically blocks cyber attacks and protects your data from any harm & loss.

Laravel comes with authentication & authorization features. Besides, it has a built-in encryption mechanism that can take your website security to the next level. It protects your e-commerce website from threats like XSS & SQL injection.

Moreover, it allows developers to create the encrypted form of passwords by using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. This makes your e-commerce site more secure from cyber-attacks & data theft.

4. Increase Developers’ Efficiency With a Flexible Development Cycle

Laravel provides developers with the flexibility to design an e-commerce website without any constraints. They have absolute freedom in building a website that offers an exceptional user experience. This level of development freedom is only possible due to Laravel’s flexible development cycles. These cycles offer:

– The latest features of Object-oriented programming(OOP)

– MVC architecture

– 20+ Pre-installed OOP libraries

– Command-line Artisan tools

– Blade templating engine

– Eloquent CRM to provide object-related mapping

– Library manager composer

– Easy to understand & well-organized documentation

All these Laravel features enhance developers’ efficiency. Plus, it turns the e-commerce site development smoother & faster.

5. A Chance of Future Expansion With Its Scalability

Technology is constantly changing with time & those who are ever engaged in e-commerce business understand this fact. In this industry, there is a constant need to introduce new products and services. Besides, it’s necessary to keep track of various suppliers & inventories related to the online store.

Hence, it would create the need for a scalable e-commerce app that can cater to the needs of a growing customer base. However, creating an e-commerce website with Laravel can allow you to build small now & expand it later.

Laravel offers scalability that developers use to increase the capacity of the websites. Thus, you can scale up your e-commerce store with advanced features anytime in the future.

6. Avoid Server Glitches With Its Great Traffic Handling Capacities

The primary goal of developing an e-commerce website is to drive more traffic to it with each passing day. Because it brings more users & customers to the business. However, the increasing amount of traffic can increase the load on hosting.

Hence, automatically increase the expense of hosting. Now, if you don’t upgrade your website’s hosting capacity, it may start to load slowly. Thus, resulting in the loss of your site visitors. However, an e-commerce site built using Laravel can handle web traffic much better than most other frameworks.

It has a one-of-a-kind queuing feature that works as a load balancer for the website. It ensures that the tasks like managing massages & sending emails, until a later date. Queuing keeps your web server healthier & boosts its speed while maintaining the morality of your data.

Moreover, Laravel makes it easier to upgrade hosting according to traffic and provides enough space to converse the data in the server.

7. Enhance Your Revenue With SEO-friendly CMS

You can get higher rankings on SERPs & drive more traffic to your e-commerce site by making it SEO-friendly. And building an e-commerce website using Laravel can help you in this matter.

Laravel can generate SEO-optimized URLs. It creates an SEO-friendly framework for your site that helps search engines quickly access & index your website. Once your website gets indexed, the search engine can display your content to relevant users. After that, it starts bringing traffic to your e-commerce site.

Therefore, developing an e-commerce site with an SEO-friendly structure is crucial for your business’s success.

8. Easy Configuration & Management With Sustainable Task Scheduling

Laravel comes with a scheduled task feature. It makes your e-commerce site secure & smooth and reminds you when any changes are required. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel has the upper hand in providing sustainable task scheduling for configuration & management.

With task scheduling, you can easily send emails to customers & automatic clean-up of database tables at the end of the day. It can make your work more accessible & convenient and saves you valuable time & cost.

9. Hassle-free Data Migration With Laravel Schema Builder

With the Laravel framework, building a new e-commerce site or migrating from other platforms to Laravel is hassle-free. The Laravel developer or a website development company can precisely execute this task with Laravel Schema Builder. It helps developers in the safe & secure transfer of the website’s database.

Besides, a website built with Laravel has a chance to scale up over time. Its horizontal scalability allows you to expand your e-commerce store with additional features at any point in the future.

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10. Quick Problem Solving With Its Massive Community Support

Another reason why Laravel is the Best e-commerce website framework is its enormous community support. The Laravel community has many talented developers from all over the world.

The community provides excellent documentation & tutorials to have a better understanding of the Laravel framework & its usage. Plus, it also has professional staff to solve your problems at any step of the development process.

If you choose to build your e-commerce site with Laravel, you will have expert assistance to guide you through. Because the Laravel community is a lot better in terms of being active & helpful than any other PHP framework.

11. Ensure Flawlessness of Your Site With Smooth Testing & Maintenance

By using the Laravel framework’s PHPUnit, developers can efficiently perform unit testing & debugging. It saves a reasonable amount of development time & cost.

Apart from smooth testing, Larvel also stimulates hassle-free maintenance. It is possible due to its Model View Controller(MVC) architecture. This architecture helps in keeping the logic & presentation separate.

Besides, the OOP principles of the framework allow developers to maintain your e-commerce site without any constraints.

12. Get Single Login Accessibility of Many Tools With Third-party Integration

Every e-commerce website needs integration with a third-party framework to grow organically over time. This integration could be payment systems or marketing tools used by the companies.

However, Laravel’s clean application programming interfaces(APIs) for integration make integrating third-party apps easy. So, whether your site needs a payment system or an automated marketing platform, you can rely on Laravel.

13. Handle Multiple Store Activities At a Time With Easy Store Management

An e-commerce site built by Laravel can provide you access to its dynamic dashboards. It streamlines the trekking of product releases, purchases, discounts, deals, & even feedback.

The cloud-based software of an e-commerce site makes it accessible 24 hours a day. It allows you to monitor or manage your e-commerce store at any time & from anywhere.

Now let’s learn about some examples of e-commerce websites built using Laravel.

Popular E-Commerce Websites Built Using Amazing Features of Laravel

Popular E-Commerce Websites Built from Laravel CMS

Laravel is one of the most preferred PHP frameworks for custom e-commerce development. With robust security, faster time-to-market, and ease of use, the website built using Laravel development services provides exhilarating benefits to businesses.

Following are examples of some popular Laravel e-commerce websites.

1. Neighborhoodlender

It is a popular mortgage website built using the Laravel PHP framework. The site contains an intuitive interface & high functionality. Neighhborhoodlender helps its users to buy appropriate real estate in many states of America.

2. InvoiceNinja

This Laravel e-commerce site serves as a single invoicing solution for both freelancers & businesses. It helps them in processing their payments & monitoring their expenses. Besides, they can also generate customized invoices & curate proposals using this website. InvoiceNinja is a fine example of a SaaS model & service software that serves 1,70,000+ businesses.

3. Alison

Alison is another famous example of Laravel e-commerce development. It is an eLearning platform that offers online education & courses for improving skills. This website provides its services in various domains. Alison has 20 million-plus users from all over the world.

4. AlphaCoder.Com is a unique website built using Laravel for e-commerce. It significantly helps content writers reach out to their fans & create more revenue for earning. Apart from this, they can also search images, art, avatars, & many other types of content on this site.

5. Check People

This famous e-commerce site was built using Laravel. It helps American citizens to track down people who have not been in touch for a long time. However, Check People site also ensures that people aren’t overwhelmed by the information they want. Its simplicity of designs & navigation makes it stand apart from usual social interacting sites.


At present time, the e-commerce industry is going through cut-throat competition. To survive in the market, you would need a sustainable e-commerce site. And that includes a strong, efficient, & scalable structure. Moreover, you will need a platform like Laravel to meet these requirements for your e-commerce site.

Laravel can help you build a feature-filled e-commerce website with futuristic scalability. Besides, the framework provides your site with robust security & high functionality. Hence, making it a competent e-commerce website for your business.

However, you can make your Laravel e-commerce site even more perfect by taking the help of professional developers. To avail of the services of expert Laravel developers, kindly visit to get a quote & to learn more about us.

Written by Dharti Thakkar

Dharti Thakkar is a professional PHP web developer with more than 8+ years of experience. She has mastered computer applications and started her career as a PHP developer. Dharti Thakkar has expertise in Laravel and many other PHP frameworks and likes to write blogs on these disciplines.

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