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There are moreover 40+ PHP frameworks.

Before getting into the depth of which framework is the best, first, let us understand PHP and its framework respectively.

Usually, a framework is characterized as a programming mechanism. These frameworks have many pre-defined libraries & features. They enable you to cut down on the coding work & save you a lot of time. Frameworks work on the Model-View-Controller pattern & have beautiful features too.

Now let’s talk about PHP.

PHP is one of the top 10 prevalent programming languages in the industry. It helps you build astonishing web applications.

A PHP-based framework delivers a basic foundation to your development project. It is useful as they offer great speed & standardize the entire development procedure.

If you are too launching your website & contemplating which PHP framework you should consider, we will help you choose one between Laravel & Lumen.

Laravel vs Lumen is undoubtedly a debate that is going around for all the good reasons.

We will be going deeper into the world of Laravel & Lumen, the two amazing frameworks of PHP!

Keep reading till the wrap-up!

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a framework with an expressive & elegant syntax. Many Laravel developers choose the Laravel framework for development.

You must be wondering, what is Laravel & what it has to offer. Well, simply put; Laravel is an open-source framework & offers full-stack development. There is multiple Laravel development company that can assist you in Developing one.

Being a PHP framework, it is indeed an adequate choice to develop any type of web or app. It can easily help you develop complex as well as easy interfaces that carry astonishing features.

These are small yet impactful reasons why Laravel is preferred by every scale of business or organization.

Consequently, let us quickly look at the Advantages & Disadvantages of this incredible framework.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework
Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework

As exceptional as the Laravel framework is, it definitely has advantages and disadvantages. For a better understanding, let’s closely have a look at its pros & cons.

Advantages of Laravel Framework

1. Excellent Documentation

Laravel is believed to develop any interface easily as it has robust documentation features. Every version of Laravel has appropriate documentation that helps you find thorough descriptions of widgets, coding style, methods, etc.

2. It Supports Famous Cache Backends

Laravel actively supports famous caching backends, like Memcached, DynamoDB, & Redis out-of-the-box.

3. Artisan

It is not feasible to do duplicative programming, this is highly time-consuming. Artisan is a command-line mechanism. It assists in forming the structure code & handles the database system robustly.

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Disadvantages of Laravel Framework

1. Absence of Continuation in Between Versions

The transition from Laravel 4 to 5 is barely seen. It can efficiently shatter the app if you push to revise the code.

2. Some of the Upgrades can be Challenging

It is one of the PHP frameworks con. It always shows some problems when the version is updated. With this, the user has to be cautious while revising the version.

3. Development

While inspecting the development of different frameworks, we encounter that the development is relatively quicker in distinction with Laravel.

What is Lumen?

Lumen is a new age stunning PHP micro-framework. It is specially devised to meet every requirement for microservices-based apps. It is used to develop apps with explicit & agile syntax. Lumen is undeniably an excellent framework that offers all the amazing attributes.

The foundation of Lumen is quite similar to Laravel. Yet, there are plenty of differences. We will surely discuss the differences between the two, but first, let’s understand the Pros & Cons of Lumen!

Moving on, let us quickly have a look at the pros and cons of the Lumen Framework (micro-development framework).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lumen Framework

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lumen Framework
Advantages and Disadvantages of Lumen Framework

Advantages of Lumen Framework

1. It allows the Ability to Upgrade

This framework enables the ability to upgrade Lumen to Laravel whenever you desire to. This pro makes it more convenient if compared to the other frameworks.

2. Comparatively Less Complicated Features

Most expert & naive developers find Lumen easier to use as it has less complicated features.

3. Incredible Speed

Lumen is the quickest micro-framework in the market with an exceptional speed of 100/reps.

Disadvantages of Lumen Framework

1. It is Restricted to Specific Solutions

It is one of the biggest drawbacks that Lumen comes up with. It is limited to working on specific solutions solely, like lesser features to customize & is a smaller version of Laravel.

2. Made to Develop Smaller Apps

Lumen supports the development of smaller apps which is also the biggest con why developers don’t choose more.

3. It is Majorly Dependent on Laravel

Another con of Lumen is it performs well mostly with Laravel.

What are the Differences and Similarities Between Lumen and Laravel Framework?

Differences and Similarities Between Lumen and Laravel Framework
Differences and Similarities Between Lumen and Laravel Framework

Both Laravel and Lumen are the finest development frameworks of all time.

Here we are going to see a head-on in between a Microservice Framework (Lumen) & Laravel (Full-stack Framework).

Now let’s quickly dive into the comparison between both the frameworks for a better understanding.

1. Architecture

Let’s first look at the architectural characteristics in Lumen vs Laravel. Lumen is a kind of Micro-Framework, however, Laravel is a Full-Stack Development Framework. Yet, you should also understand that Lumen is a subdivision of Laravel.

2. Artisan Generators

An artisan is a command-line tool for Laravel & Lumen. Both of these frameworks utilize the same design.

On Laravel, you have to generate commands on the code. Whereas in Lumen, you have to copy & paste the commands. But it doesn’t cause any contrast in application programming interface performance.

3. Usage

Usage of Lumen and Laravel both is entirely different from each other. Lumen is the lighter version of Laravel. Lumen is used for developing small apps with lesser attributes.

If you have a startup, Lumen is always a suitable choice for you. And if you have a large firm, go for Laravel Framework.

4. Integration

Lumen & Laravel, both have diverse kinds of integration facilities.

For instance, integration in Laravel is with the PHP programming framework.

On the other hand, integration in Lumen is with 3rd party tools that help in accessing new features. So, the basic integration dissimilarity always remains.

5. Community

Even Though Lumen is a subgroup of Laravel, the community backing is larger in the case of Lumen. You can simply strive for support from numerous individual contributors in case you face any difficulty with the Lumen framework.

Whereas, Laravel has comparatively less community support.

6. Response Time

Lumen is quicker & its time of response is considerably lesser compared to Laravel.

Lumen is faster than Laravel & also it is quicker if compared to other Micro Frameworks. Therefore, For a startup, without any doubt go for Lumen over Laravel.

7. Template

There are multiple libraries & templates that are in-built within Laravel. This quality of Laravel puts it apart in the Laravel vs Lumen debate. A web developer has better tool options to design a cool interface by using Laravel. On the other hand, as Lumen is majorly used for small projects it only has a bunch of templates available for you!

Overall talking about Laravel Vs Lumen,

Laravel is comparatively full of features and more stable. Whereas, Lumen is suggested for smaller apps that do not require more performance.

So, the option of determining the framework between Laravel & Lumen entirely relies on the parameters needed for the solution you need to develop.

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Let’s quickly wrap up this wholesome debate of framework.


Okay, so it’s time to wrap up the most debatable Lumen vs Laravel discussion. There is not one specific framework you can consider ideal. Laravel & Lumen both have their own sets of advantages & disadvantages. Both have their own unique & reliable features. So it’s up to you, your business requirements & objectives that the selection of framework depends on. Pick the one that pleasingly fits your objectives.

In our opinion, if you’re developing a small Application programming interface that performs for a specific purpose, choose Lumen. And, If you intend to develop a feature-rich website, go with Laravel.

We hope you find this blog insightful.

If you are desiring to develop a feature-rich website, you can consider us. We cater to the exceptional Lumen & Laravel development service. We will support you in saving time & building a responsive, customizable website.

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Written by Dharti Thakkar

Dharti Thakkar is a professional PHP web developer with more than 8+ years of experience. She has mastered computer applications and started her career as a PHP developer. Dharti Thakkar has expertise in Laravel and many other PHP frameworks and likes to write blogs on these disciplines.

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