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Last few years, mobile application development company India and also all around the world changing the lives. Now from booking a cab to ordering food and hiring the best service provider nearby area becomes way easier than it was before. Mobile apps have revolutionized the way all of us perform our daily tasks whether it’s personal or for business purposes.According to the analysis done by the best mobile app development company USA, Here are some mobile app development trends which will bring many new opportunities for entrepreneurs and startup owners.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has its foot stuck deep inside the mobile application industry. Well, artificial intelligence is where computer science which emphasizes on creating machines that work, react and think like humans.

In the early stages it was just chatting bots and Siri we can be sure in 2020 this artificial intelligence will not be restricted to chatbots and Siri. There are many companies these days such as Oracle, IBM, Google, and Amazon are heavily investing in this artificial intelligence. Oracle will use this machine learning to develop apps, integration of apps, and identity management anonymous. In simple words, we can say that AI is not going to revolutionize the mobile app industry, but this technology has a significant opportunity for innovation for the future of apps.

2. Blockchain Technology

As per the best mobile app development company USA, for the past two years, this industry was making some noise on blockchain technology being highly beneficial. With the use of this technology, one can create tamper-proof documents across computers which is highly required for big corporations. It also gives the ability to track transactions with greater confidence and security.
Some industry Experts believe that blockchain is set for another successful year in 2019. All enterprises that require trust transactions and secure record keeping and tracking abilities will highly adopt this technology in the upcoming year. As this technology was successful in cryptocurrency much financial organization are considering blockchain technology for their tradition banking operations.

3. On-demand apps

Out of all the most attention-grabbing and one of the successful economy is an on-demand economy. In simple words, the on-demand economy serves the consumer demand on an immediate basis which in turn allows the quicker access of goods to the consumer. Today mobile apps are the future of the mobile app industry. This market when introduced created an immediate bubble in the mobile app industry. Irrespective of type, category and size of business or startup almost all the entrepreneurs are adapting and embracing the new technology on demand based solutions and moving with their business to the next level.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an upcoming technology which is changing the way how people are purchasing on the market. According to the recent report, the augmented reality is about to Make 150$ billion dollars by 2020. It provides a good opportunity to app developers to explore and grow in the market

Various tech giants are already developing this method applications. Google and Apple both have integrated this augmented reality on their new devices. This means the augmented reality will be a game changer in the upcoming year. Also, we can see many social media apps like FaceBook, Snapchat which used augmented reality on the applications which all the user to change his human face to funny digital face.

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