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Laravel a free open source framework is highly expressive in term of the coding and syntax usage. The codes of this framework are easy to maintain for a developer. Laravel is a trending PHP framework of 2019, it is a powerful, versatile and well-documented PHP framework provided by most of the PHP web development company. Because of the wonderful features of the Laravel Framework to its user, making it the most popular framework among the other PHP web development framework.

When it comes to PHP development company India Laravel framework is the ground base of lots of businesses, media, news, e-commerce, entertainment, technology and many more. Let’s have a look on these top 10 features that could make Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks to choose to develop your project with PHP development company India,

1. A technique of Authorization:

Laravel takes an approachable position to implement authentication and authorization. The authentication techniques in Laravel are simple. It provides an out-of-the-box control access to resources and organization logics.

2. Mail Service

Also, the Laravel’s supports following drivers,

● Mailgun
● Mandrill
● SparkPost
● Amazon SES
● PHP’s “mail” function
● “Sendmail”

With all these a web app is developed with Laravel to get started sending the emails through a local or with cloud-based service. Also, Laravel sends notifications across a number of delivery channels, and SMS via Nexmo.

3. OO Libraries:

Laravel gives the facilities to the developer with OO (Object Oriented) Libraries. These libraries are only available in Laravel and not on any other PHP framework. This authentication library is a pre-installed library which has many advanced features like hashing, checking active users, encryption, resetting the password, cross-site request forgery protection and many more.

4. Artisan:

There is a built-in tool called Artisan in the Laravel PHP framework. With this interaction, framework is done by using a command line. It creates and handles the Laravel project environment. Basically, it is a system tool provided by the Laravel for command line operations. This tool helps the developer in performing wordy programming tasks which they avoid doing manually.

5. ‘Cached’ Web applications

one of the important aspects of web development is caching. Laravel has native back-ends support for cache backends called, Memcached and Redis. This file makes it really simple to cache driver and store caches items in the file system although, in mission-critical applications, in-memory cache such as Memcached or APC is better suited.

6. MVC Support:

Laravel framework has an ability to support the MVC architecture. MVC improves the overall performance by ensuring the overall experience and performance of the web app. With this documentation part, a developer can take care a length of the supreme quality built-in functionalities.

7. Technical Vulnerabilities safeguard:

With the PHP web development company the web application development using Laravel is secure, it protects against conventional also with serious risks such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. With the usage of salted and hashed password, the password is never saved in plain text. Further, Laravel provides a way to escape user input to avoid injection of <script> tag.

8. URL Routing Configuration

The Laravel routers are well explained in the app/Http/routes.php file. That all files are continually loaded by the Laravel Php framework. Mostly the Laravel routers basically accept a URL and Closure, thus offers a simple and expressive technique of declaring routes.

9. Error and Exception Handling

When the web application is developed with Laravel, the passwords and codes are saved in salted and hashed form. With that, the error and exception in this become less. Also, Laravel has close integration Monolog logging library with the attached to powerful log handlers.

10. Scheduling Tasks Configuration and Management

To schedule task, a developer has to file a Cron entry. But now task scheduling is inapplicable to source control and developers are required to SSH into serves to file the Cron entries. As Laravel have in-build commands, with that the scheduler permits become smoother for a developer.

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