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As most of our work is now integrated online, web development has become a growing field with good potential for a successful career. However, being a web developer requires expertise in coding. Learning how to code can be tough but deciding where to learn coding from is more difficult. Several institutes, both online and offline, offer web development courses that teach a plethora of topics, from Python and SQL to JavaScript and HTML. For anyone looking to do a course in web development Ireland or any other country, these could be your top choices.


This is an ideal option for beginners who are struggling to understand the basics of web development and what that entails. There are different courses here that could help new web developers. However, to determine which field in web development you would prefer, you can take a look at The complete web developer in 2021: Zero to Mystery. This course for beginners involves training to become a web developer ready for a job, along with introducing the latest technologies involved in it. 


For anyone looking to learn web development Dublin or from any other international location, Coursera can be your go-to destination. The online platform offers course options that focus on both back-end and front-end web development. You can choose from a range of courses available in several languages and rated four and above by previous students. Take a look at the course Ruby on Rails: An Introduction, offered by John Hopkins University. This course can teach the framework on how to build your own web applications. This course teaches you rapid prototyping, among other aspects. 


Students who want to focus on browser development can pay attention to Udacity. The courses present on this platform focus strongly on data analytics, blockchain technology, web development, UX, and cybersecurity, among others. The web development courses teach web development on the basis of HTML and internet browsers. Along with its sought-after courses on Python, the web development teachings include coding with HTML from the first lesson, with additional lessons on HTTP, GET, and POST. You can also opt to learn APIs, databases, forms, caching, and input.

This online platform brings together both beginner level and advanced courses on web development. Hence, anyone looking to learn website-building, especially a Microsoft oriented course, can look at The ‘Professional Orientation’ course by Microsoft helps beginners learn front-end web development, including the various languages used, and tools and frameworks commonly needed today.

For more information on web development, you can get in touch with our experts, who will be more than happy to help you out.

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