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“What happened up till now won’t happen anymore” this is what Google believes in doing from its action of prioritizing Mobile over desktop.

This move makes sense because nowadays mobiles are more dominant than desktops

Like all of us, Google has also realized that mobile phones are primary devices, which are widely used for making a search.

And Google is contemplating to launch it’s all singing different search index versions for Smartphone. Probably within months, Google decided to diversify the mobile search index from the desktop version and make it as a primary index.

This story started with Google’s announcement about its experiment on separate search index for mobile phones. This main index would be used by search engines in order to solve queries from the users.  The desktop index would also be preserved but this primary index would be more up-to-date.

After detaching its index, the enormous number of websites it store would become different for mobile and desktop search. Moreover, Gary Illyes, webmasters trend analyst with Google announced that these changes would happen with “Months” according to Search Engine Land although Illyes doesn’t give out any definite timeline to the things in his follow-ups.

Usually, Google keeps on updating  its index on regular basis but it’s going to be a big one.  Google is on the verge to shuffle its primary index for mobile instead of the desktop.

It would be most likely to say that results for your keyword search would be different on mobile and desktop as well.

Users generally experience slow to load websites when they approach desktop websites through Smartphone. Google tweaked about this problem and served with the solution by splitting the indexes.

Further, as a Plan Google decided to target stripped down websites.  It’s good to lose weight, right! From now websites would also lose their content weight in order to fit under the criterion of becoming the mobile site. This would reduce the mass of extra content from the website, leaving it easier to load in the Smartphone.

Google decided to target Stripped Down mobile sites for showing results of the query searched from Mobile Index.

For websites which are specially configured to fit the desktop screen and finds It difficult to fit in the Small screen, it would be like getting blood out of stone, to achieve its same rank in the mobile index searches and it would let them play the all new mobile optimization game from inception.

But for those with high configuration and responsively designed to fit in the mobile screen would get a treat, as their website would get qualified under the search results.

Here, not all websites have to cut down their content from websites so, not all websites would get affected. 

Hence, we can say that “Mobile Revolution” is aired by Google and soon it’s going to alter the digital marketing and SEO practices from its roots. Marketers would be the happiest community ever after this move of Google, as it would let them reach people through the most dominant media of this era. So, this Big Tech Company has once again transformed the IT industry just by its one step.

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