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Considering the scenario of app development few years back, it wasn’t much scope for developers, except building a mind wrecking native app or just create a web app imitating its existing website. Let’s go little bit fast forward, a time when another alternative came in picture hybrid app, nevertheless it turned out to be insignificant due to its inability to serve the purpose of making an application as effective as native apps. The situation remained there, until a platform emerged as a fundamental hybrid app open source named Angular JS which all the way brought by Google for putting app developers’ life at ease.

However, all the app arena needed was some more integrated functionality and an agile platform that could make marvel for the app makers. Keeping each of these requisites meticulously in mind, Drifty people have introduced Ionic mobile app framework. A phenomenal blend of ‘Angular JS’ and ‘Apache Cordova’ gave a rise to a hybrid app crafting open source SDK ‘Ionic’. It enables to create marvelously working mobile apps by fostering technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Sass. Once the application gets built optimizing Ionic along with all these web resources, it is being launched on app stores via Cordova.

Apart from app building, Customize themes for iOS and Android, diverse mobile components, interactive extensions, typography etc. are the features Ionic has to offer.Syncing in with Angular, it opens up the techno-treasure to consume, i.e.the highly effective collection repeat that gives the viewer an amazing scrolling experience through numerous items. And not to mention, the functionality occurs very smoothly without affecting the performance.

Talking about other offerings of Ionic are automated builds, analytics, push notification orientation, Alpha & Beta testing code deploys and many more. Don’t miss out on its fascinating feature called Command Line Interface, which predominately gives so much of room to the developers to undertake projects from simple command along with Cordova plugins. Aiming to organize the hybrid app development to its best, Ionic works well with Android 4.1 and higher release, for Apple it supports iOS 7 and subsequent versions.

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