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The way coding has been changed drastically (for good as you see), it seems like the future the creation of web application is about into enter in euphoric phase. Thanks to some magnificent open source frameworks, app development has come a long way from a tedious task to streamlined process. To be specific, the web application framework Angular has been adding crisp to the coding since a long while.An outcome of the collective efforts of Google, Brat Tech and worldwide developer community, Angular was entered in the open source arena few years back. For matching the pace with the contemporary state of app creation, recently Angular 2.0 was introduced to your disposal. Having said that, it actually serves you pretty well with refined aspects which bring vibrant experience to the user. Before maneuvering to the Angular’s latest installment, let’s have a ride around the predecessor.

Predominantly, the open source frameworks are aimed to be the platform over which the web app creation could be done with an ease. To name a few Cakephp and Ruby on Rails, all they are programmed to extend better flexibility and appropriate management of the assigned task.  Each of those platforms stand for a specialty, an aspect which they are not just good but, best at. So is the Angular, as it is excellent in the Single-page application.

Initially single page application development used to be the brain-wracking task and that has been revitalized by Angular. It works with Model View model (MVVM) and Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, the elements which are accounted for accurate testing. It is designed to sync well with the other libraries and adaptable enough suffice your application’s requirement.  All the features are replaceable and alterable according to the convenience of your development.

Clearly, the latest version is going to me even more impactful for next gen app creation. Power-pack templating, convenient APIs, measurability and many more prolific features to get your app perform brilliantly. The 2.0 version swiftly detects the change through mono morphic JS calls. It is quite efficient at lower memory usage and allows flawless template pre-compilation along with reuse. Like the cherry on the cake, the improvised control over the process makes the Angular 2.0 an exciting tool to optimize while the making of the application.

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