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Are you ready for comparing PHP vs WordPress to find out which one is correct for you? Firstly let me brief it out, this is not an appropriate comparison. PHP is an open-source programming and scripting language to make web applications provided by a PHP web development company and WordPress content operating system made using PHP. WordPress is a framework of PHP.

WordPress is damn easy to learn. Even, Neophytes can learn its use within 5 minutes. PHP developers who are having little more knowledge of coding will be enthusiastic about using WordPress in any PHP Web Development Company. Rather than selecting PHP, WordPress is more convenient. Eye-catchy tools, accessing new images, and editing all the latest posts options are available on WordPress. If you wish to connect your tools or settings will get easily done through the dashboard.

Majorly programmers opt for WordPress to create the website. The results and creativity of the websites developed using WordPress it totally amazing. Your site will look great. By using WordPress, one has to just install a theme of their choice and you will be set free. Where one is having leisure time being the skilled coder, they will start this from scratch.

Learning PHP is a very time-consuming process. It may take weeks, months, etc. Check below things why we use WordPress:

1. Plugins

Plugins give additional features at the drop of a hat. For the plugin section, you owe a choice and from that section, developers select their plugins who want for free. In the case of PHP, you have to search for someone who can assist you, or one has to create it.

WordPress has over 40,000 free plugins to choose from. Plugins create constructing a website easier, faster, and more exciting. Allow me to name a few plugins to help you understand the type of plugins available to you.

2. SEO

For another time also you go from the base you will have to choose SEO. you have to keep in mind SEO is your brain. While creating your site, your perception has to be in a way of ranking at the top.

There is hardly any other best platform that leads to more keywords than WordPress. Today top million websites are WordPress. This static reveals how SEO plays a crucial role in WordPress. It will have made an impact on the blogs for your business.

When it comes to security any website can get hacked. I always update my sites, update my plugins, etc. I forever refresh my sites, modernize my plugins, etc.

3. Email list

Adding an email list is a huge part of starting a business. Whether you choose any other website, WordPress makes it simple to set up. Solely all you have to do is attach a newsletter plugin to help you seize emails and you’re done. With a custom PHP, this once simple task turns into a hassle. Amidst a custom PHP, this once manageable job converts into a dispute. When we sum up all the minute things about keeping a website we recognize how a custom PHP site can beat the success of your future website.

Which one is far better?

See, this is a question in which all the aspects of PHP and WordPress are kept in mind. Even though any individual prefers PHP it depends on the skills and knowledge of the person. Yes, WordPress is been used and operated majorly as it is fluently accessible. Both, PHP and WordPress contradict each other but they are diversified individually. 

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