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As digitalization is at its height, websites are becoming an essential part of the corporate world. It represents the enterprises on the digital/online platform & also connects them with their potential customers. Plus, it also increases business’s exposure & helps them in further expansion.

However, to avail of all these benefits, businesses require a dynamic website. And building a website is challenging, especially when you have so many options for web development.

Nowadays, companies use Laravel, WordPress, and PHP JavaScript frameworks for web development. But among all these options, Laravel is the best option for building a highly secure & scalable website. This is why businesses prefer hiring a professional Laravel Development Company to get the work done!

Laravel is a popular open-source PHP framework. It serves as the foundation for over six million websites worldwide. Furthermore, it offers a clean code structure, high functionality, and robust security for all types of web development. It also simplifies software development by supporting the implementation of different modules, plugins, components, & packages.

All these modules, plugins, & packages help to improve your website’s performance, especially Laravel packages. Thus, to assist you in choosing the best Laravel packages for your website, we have prepared a list. It contains the finest Laravel packages that can significantly improve your website performance & user experience. You can even follow our Laravel website performance optimization guide for this purpose.

So, let’s dive in to learn more about Laravel packages.

First of all, let’s learn:

What are Laravel Packages?

Packages play a vital role in Laravel by providing extra functionality. These bundles typically contain Laravel-specific routes, controllers, views, and configurations.

Frameworks, you see, provide a structure for your code, making it easier to develop complex applications. At the same time, packages allow you to extend the framework’s functionality.

Frameworks make an effort to make the development process easier by streamlining best practices for creating important web projects like packages, modules, plugins, and even components.

There are currently over 500 or possibly more Laravel packages available. They provide a wide range of functionality suitable for various apps, ranging from travel and appointment booking to eCommerce and instruction. Apart from this, there is always an option for custom Laravel package development. However, to build a custom Laravel package, you’ll require assistance from a Laravel development service provider company.

After learning about what Laravel packages are, let’s know about their usefulness.

How Useful are Laravel Packages?

Laravel packages help your website in so many ways. Their implementation provides you with plenty of benefits. Some of the important benefits we have mentioned below.

  • Packages allow the developers to avoid writing codes from scratch & also provide them with the benefit of reusing the codes. It saves so much time & effort during the web development process.
  • Laravel packages reduce the amount of code needed for web development. It makes the maintenance & upgradation of the website easier & less time-consuming.
  • These packages also enhance the performance of your website by improving its security & efficiency.
  • With the help of Laravel packages, developers can build complex & well-structured web solutions with ease.
  • And last, some of the Laravel packages, such as Behat & Carbon, are standalone. Developers can use them with any framework that requests a COMPOSER.JS file.

Now let’s go further to know:

Top 35+ Laravel Packages to Improve Website Performance

Top Laravel Packages to Improve Website Performance
Top Laravel Packages to Improve Website Performance

Finally, let us move on to the significant portion of this post now that we’ve covered the basics. For your convenience, we’ve created a list of top Laravel packages broken down into different categories.

1. Laravel Email Tools & Packages

1.1 Beauty mail

With Beautymail, adding email functionality to your website is simple. To do that, you must import a handful of templates and use them to set up various types of transactional emails. You can also make your own HTML templates and use them with Beautymail if you want to avoid using third-party services.

1.2 Sendgrid

Sengrid from Twilio is a popular Laravel package for sending messages. It is quick & efficient and also provides tracking features. Additionally, it helps you learn how many users click on your email and how often they do so, as well as other key metrics like the number of clicks on your email.

1.3 MailGun

MailGun is an email delivery service that provides an easy API for Laravel developers to send transactional emails from their websites. It is an ideal Laravel package for ensuring safe and secure mailing services. MailGun has various features, such as tracking users who click links in your emails. In addition, it allows its users to send up to 10,000 emails for free each month.

1.4 Spatie Laravel Mail Preview

The Spatie Laravel Mail Preview package is one of the most valuable and well-known Laravel packages. It quickly exhibits emails sent by the Laravel application in your browser. The package injects a small overlay with a link to an incoming email whenever it is sent to your application. This enables users to test the mail-in in their browser quickly.

2. Laravel Ecommerce Packages

Popular Laravel Ecommerce Packages
Popular Laravel Ecommerce Packages

2.1 Bagisto

Bagisto has quickly captured the attention of the Laravel community with its open-source Laravel eCommerce package. This package includes numerous valuable features, including inventory management and multi-warehouse management.

The admin panel is one of Bagisto’s key features. It allows you to manage payment methods, control access levels, and integrate multiple channels. If you’re looking for a Laravel package for an eCommerce web development project, this is one of the best options.

2.2 Aimeos

Aimeos is a significant package for adding eCommerce functionality to your Laravel eCommerce store. With its assistance, you can easily create a standard, feature-rich, fully functional e-commerce website.

Aimeos also has advanced features for a sophisticated enterprise-grade e-commerce solution. That includes some essential features like Laravel multilingual package, countless payment gateways, SEO-ready tools, and customizable themes. Aimeos is well-appraised in the Laravel community due to its fast web speed and optimized server.

2.3 GetCandy

GetCandy is a Laravel-compatible headless e-commerce platform. It has an intuitive interface that allows developers to create a user-friendly custom web store.

GetCandy is a mixture of an eCommerce API and an administrative system designed to create and support high-functioning e-commerce websites that give their users complete control over their storefront’s user experience.

2.4 AvoRed

The AvoRed is an Open Source Laravel e-commerce package that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. It includes a mobile-friendly UI by default, making it one of the best Laravel e-commerce packages.

AvoRed allows you to create product entities such as categories, attributes, and more, as well as manage orders, customer information, and inventory, among other things.

These feature-filled eCommerce packages are the reason why people choose Laravel for building e-commerce sites.

3. Laravel Blogging Packages

3.1 Botble

Botble is a Laravel CMS package. You can use it to create, edit, and manage nearly any type of digital content.

It supports multiple backend languages and has several customizable themes. Plus, it is compatible with Google Analytics. Using Botble is an excellent way to launch news or media-sharing website in a short period of time.

3.2 Laravel Publishing Platform: Canvas

Canvas is an open-source package that helps extend the capabilities of your Laravel website by constructing a fully-functional and fantastic blog. Aside from a distraction-free writing experience, Canvas also provides essential insights and stats about your content. That includes monthly trends, content views, and more to optimize your content in the best possible manner.

4. Laravel Authentication & Authorization Packages

4.1 Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a well-known Laravel package that serves as an excellent starting point for any Laravel web application. It includes login, registration, two-factor authentication, and a variety of other important authentication and authorization services. With the help of Laravel Jetstream, you can quickly fulfil your website’s authentication and authorization requirements.

4.2 User Verification

This valuable Laravel package enables you to validate users’ emails and verify their identities so that you don’t send transactional emails to bogus accounts (by hurting your deliverability).

The User Verification package generates a verification token and sends verification emails for each registered user on your behalf. In addition, It can also handle the user verification process and mark users as verified (or not).

4.3 NoCaptcha

Spamming is a major issue for web apps, and the NoCaptcha Laravel Package was explicitly created to address it. Using Google reCaptcha, this Laravel package secures and validates your web app.

The primary objective of NoCaptcha is to avoid spam and keep the website running smoothly. However, to utilize the package, you must first obtain access to the API key.

4.4 Socialite

Socialite is a Laravel package that manages authorization and authentication in a very straightforward manner. Furthermore, it enables developers to implement authentication with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, and other services.

4.5 Entrust

This package is advantageous for Laravel 5 applications to provide role-based permissions. The package lets you define a set of roles that grant access to various parts of your Laravel application.

Entrust allows you to create four different types of tables: the permissions table, roles table, role user table, and permission role user table. These tables will assist you in managing user permissions and roles more effectively.

5. Laravel Testing & Debugging Packages

5.1 Behat

Behat is a PHP behaviour-driven development framework that is open source. It is regarded as one of the best tools for continuous communication, deliberate discovery, and test automation. Behat has a Laravel extension that allows developers to start testing and driving their Laravel applications right away.

5.2 Tinker

Tinker is a fantastic Laravel package that allows developers to test and try out new features without having to write a script. In other words, the package enables real-time debugging.

Assume that you want to check a few records in the database or perform specific operations on them. Tinker Laravel Packages allow you to test and debug on your browser screen with just a few clicks.

Tinker Laravel plugin has embedded the Laravel framework within it. It eliminates the need to manually install the same when using it with your web app.

5.3 Laravel Telescope

The Laravel telescope is the best PHP debugger option. It offers a plethora of information about all aspects of the application, including requests, cache operations, database queries, and variable dumps. It will significantly impact the Laravel development environment as a whole.

5.4 Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar is one of the finest Laravel packages that allow users to add a developer toolbar to their web apps. This package is used chiefly for debugging processes.

Debugbar provides numerous options. It will assist you in displaying all of the queries that your application provides – everything related to the route – that you have called will display all of the rendered templates and the parameters you have passed.

And when the Façade is added, you can add messages that will appear under the ‘Messages’ tab in Laravel Debugbar.

6. Laravel Payment Packages

6.1 Laravel Paypal

The Laravel PayPal package is beneficial for processing or refunding payments and handling PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) in your Laravel web application. Furthermore, this package can be used independently of Laravel.

6.2 Omnipay

Omnipay is a significant payment processing library that is available for all PHP languages. Its clear and consistent API and unit testing capabilities make it a popular Laravel package for payment integration. It also includes a dummy application to help developers get started immediately.

7. Laravel SEO Packages

7.1 Laravel Meta Manager

You can optimize your website’s SEO by using Laravel Meta Manager, which will help your website rank higher on the first page of search results. It focuses on the application’s Meta tags and assists you in correcting them in accordance with best SEO practices.

Standard SEO, Dublin Core, Google Plus, Facebook Open Graph, and many other recommended Meta tags are included in the package.

7.2. Laravel SEOable

Laravel SEOable is the best choice for all of your SEO projects. It provides excellent SEO factors that can assist you in optimizing and elevating the SEO results for you & your client’s website.

This Laravel package includes SEO functions such as SEO mapping, meta tags, custom template creation, and integration with other SEO models. You should certainly use this Laravel package for your projects if you want to stay on top.

7.3 AutoMeta

AutoMeta is indeed the ideal SEO package for Laravel, assisting developers with basic SEO functions. It is one of the top SEO Laravel tools for managing meta tags on a website. It also aids in the resolution of some common SEO issues and makes your overall code easier for search engine bots to crawl.

8. Laravel Auditing Packages

Useful Laravel Auditing Packages
Useful Laravel Auditing Packages

8.1 Sentry

Sentry is a renowned error monitoring service, and it comes with its own Laravel integration. You’ll receive an email explaining what went wrong whenever any error happens. It also has a handy dashboard for tracking and grouping errors and inspecting entire blocks of code in search of an answer.

8.2 Bugsnag

Bugsnag is a cross-platform tool for managing expectations and monitoring errors. It is just like Sentry and provides fully customizable filtering and reporting. Rather than email, here you will receive notifications via Slack and PagerDuty.

9. Laravel Notifications Packages

9.1 Laravel Notification Channels

Laravel Notification Channels will be your new best friend if the default selection of notification choices isn’t enough. It consists of several drivers for sending personalized notifications.

41 communication channels have supported this package as of this writing. This covers numerous push and web push alerts, well-known messengers, and SMS & VoIP.

9.2 Easy Flash Messages

Easy Flash Messages is exactly what it says. It’s a simple package for configuring your app’s flash notifications in a few minutes.

How does it function? Make a call to the flash() function before performing a redirection. You can also customize it in a variety of ways – see their GitHub for more information.

9.3 Laravel Slack

The Laravel Slack package is an excellent way to streamline your notifications. Using this package, you can send messages directly from the Laravel platform to multiple channels.

Laravel Slack makes it easier to keep track of conversations. In addition, you can also customize how things work, making it more straightforward & efficient for notifications.

10. Laravel Admin Panel Generation Packages

Helpful Laravel Admin Panel Generation Packages
Helpful Laravel Admin Panel Generation Packages

10.1 Voyager

Voyager distinguishes itself with a sleek and intuitive interface. Voyager is for you if you want simple usage instructions, a user-friendly front-end theme, and no glaring problems or incomplete features.

Additionally, it provides intriguing features like media manager, dummy data, etc. Overall, it is a satisfying package for creating the admin panel for Laravel web applications.

10.2 Orchid

The Orchid platform is ideal for creating an enterprise-level application with the Laravel framework. It can be the foundation for web applications or a CMS, CMF, or admin panel for your website.

11. Laravel Localization Packages

11.1 Laravel Translatable

Laravel Translatable includes a trait that simplifies the translation of Eloquent models into other languages. There is no need for an additional database table because the translations are stored as JSON.

11.2 Laravel Lang

Laravel-lang is a must-have tool for any Laravel developer who wants to build multilingual applications. It includes over 77 language translations for authentication, pagination, passwords, and validation rules. The JSON files included with the package make it simple to add support for new languages.

12. Other Top Laravel Packages & Tools

12.1 Eloquent-Sluggable

A package called Eloquent-Sluggable makes it simple to build slugs for all of the Eloquent models in your project. It is intended to generate URL slugs that are suitable for SEO that you may use in your Laravel project. With a simple and automated setting system, this Laravel package aims to satisfy users.

12.2 Laravel Charts

Laravel Charts is a PHP Laravel library that handles an infinite number of chart combinations. It is specially formulated to be loaded via AJAX and can be used without any additional effort. The Laravel charts package uses a simple API to create JS logic for your Laravel web application.

12.3 Laravel Form Builder

Symfony’s form builder heavily influences the Laravel form builder package. It helps to construct forms that can be easily modified and reused. This package also includes external Bootstrap3 support.

12.4 Laravel GraphQL

GraphQL is a data query language that can be used instead of traditional REST architecture. In addition to Laravel GraphQL, you can learn more about the Laravel Forge alternative. Developers define the required data structure and obtain the same structure from the server. This package will assist you in configuring and implementing GraphQL in your Laravel applications.

After learning about the significant Laravel packages, you can use any of them to suit your needs. And if you wish to develop them for a specific purpose, you must Hire Laravel developers for the task. Now, let’s go further to learn the installation process of the Laravel Package.

How to Install Laravel Packages?

Composer is a package manager for Laravel, similar to NPM for JavaScript. Installing a package or plugin in Laravel projects is a simple process that requires only one single line of code in the composer.json file. The composer fetches the package from automatically, making your job easier.

The command line syntax for installing the Laravel Useful package is as follows;

composer require packageowner/packagename

After that, use the below-mentioned command to fetch the updated package.

php artisan update

To use your newly installed package in Laravel, instantiate a new object.

$package = new Package;

If the installed package is namespaced, you need to use the below command;

$package = new PackageNamespace\Package;

Ensure that the vendor/composer/autoload_* files are validated. Additionally, the primary package source file can be used to verify it.

vendor/vendorName/packageName/[src or lib or whatever]/Package.php

In case you don’t know how to install and use Laravel packages for website optimization, you can take the help of a reputable Laravel development company. Know how Laravel Development Company can help you boost your business revenue.


The list of the best packages for Laravel apps comes to a close with this. It is clear that these top Laravel packages are quite beneficial in reducing development time and increasing overall productivity. Therefore, the packages described above would be a huge aid to consider if you intend to improve current apps or construct a new one.

Hire Laravel Developers from us if you’re seeking professionals that can get the job done; we’re a well-known Laravel development company that has helped companies of all shapes and sizes prosper in the modern digital age.

To avail of our best-in-class development services, please visit to get a quote and learn more about us.

Written by Dharti Thakkar

Dharti Thakkar is a professional PHP web developer with more than 8+ years of experience. She has mastered computer applications and started her career as a PHP developer. Dharti Thakkar has expertise in Laravel and many other PHP frameworks and likes to write blogs on these disciplines.

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