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Now, as 2019 comes, it looks like content is no more just a king, it is becoming the kingdom. Ans 2019 will remove the line between marketing content and traditional marketing. Last year was predicted that videos would become more important. Another trend which was followed by some brands was influencer marketing.These are some of the content marketing stats you need to know to set marketing strategy up-to-date.

1. In 2019, 85% of USA companies with more than 100 employees will utilize digital content marketing strategies.
2. Mainly in the last 12 months, the B-to-B marketers are focusing on 3 types of content, long-form content (in-depth articles, guides), video snippets, and social media stories.
3. Also, there is some prediction that by the end of 2019, 80% of all internet traffic worldwide will be mainly by videos.
4. Also, 45% of content creation work is done on the basis of ad-hoc
5. Approximately 33% of B-to-C marketers have a documented content strategy for marketing.
6. 74% of CMOs have low confidence about using the right technology to achieve their marketing goals
7. A report says that there are 78 percent an in-house agency in 2019, compared to the data of 2013 which was 58 percent.

Yes, it isn’t an easy task to master in marketing content as content demands increase and digital trends keep evolving. There many challenges to overcome for the marketers. As most of the marketers realize that the big opportunity to meet different objectives is through the better, planned marketing strategy.

Here is some key point to consider about your next plans, which can make your marketing strategy of content even more better.

Your current strategy
Your budget
Your technologies adapting ability and maturity level
Your organization’s ability to measure ROI
Lastly, your commitment to building a better marketing strategy by using Content Marketing Tips.

A successful marketing strategy may take time, so think ahead and start working on it. To get more Content Marketing Tips contact with the team of Windzoon Technologies.

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