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With the help of Codelgniter Framework Development Company, Build web apps that enhance the revenue of your business. Hire Codelgniter Developers from us to harness the full potential of this framework for building industry-specified bespoke web app solutions.

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    Transform your Web Apps with Codelgniter Framework for power performance

    Being one of the fastest & most responsive PHP frameworks, Codelgniter uses the popular Model-View-Controller. It is a high-performance framework with a small footprint & zero configuration. Developers utilize this framework to build dynamic web app solutions.

    At Windzoon, we have a team of skilled Codelgniter developers who can build any complex Codelgniter web app solutions. Hire Codelgniter Developer from us to develop avant-garde web apps that can cater to the needs of varied business models.

    Make the online debut of your business with our next-gen Codelgniter web app development services

    We have a dedicated team of Codelgniter developers who has successfully executed 25+ enterprise-grade projects. By hiring our full-stack Codelgniter developers you can avail of our bespoke Codelgniter web app development services.
    Codelgniter Web Development

    Codelgniter Web Development

    We have excelled in developing high-end web apps & avant-garde portals that are fully functional & scalable. Subscribe to our services to build dynamic web apps from scratch.

    Codelgniter E-Commerce Development

    Codelgniter E-Commerce Development

    Harness the benefits of online business with our Custom Codelgniter eCommerce solutions. Hire our skilled developers to build highly-secured & user-friendly eCommerce sites with rich UI/UX.

    Codelgniter Customization Services

    Codelgniter Customization Services

    Based on our 10+ years of experience, we can build any complex Codelgniter web solution as per our client's needs. Hire Codelgniter Developers from us to boost the growth of your business.

    Codelgniter Plugin & Module Development

    Codelgniter Plugin & Module Development

    Avail of our bespoke Codelgniter Plugin & Module development services. We have served diverse industries by improving their web apps and enhancing their user interaction & experience.

    Codelgniter Backend Development for Mobile App

    Codelgniter Backend Development for Mobile App

    To manage application data & users, mobile apps needed user-friendly backends. We have a dedicated team of Codelgniter developers who can develop a web backend for your mobile app.

    Codelgniter Integration With Third-Party APIs

    Codelgniter Integration With Third-Party APIs

    Hire Codelgniter Developers from us who have expertise in building APIs that can integrate with various solutions. Besides, they can even incorporate 3rd party APIs as per your requirements.

    Codelgniter Migration & Upgradation Services

    Codelgniter Migration & Upgradation Services

    Migrate to the Codelgniter framework. Or upgrade your web applications from the older Coldelgniter version to its latest version with our smooth & secure ReactJS Migration Service

    Codelgniter Maintenance & Support Services

    Codelgniter Maintenance & Support Services

    We provide 24/7 maintenance and support services even after the completion of the project. Our skilled Codelgniter developers will help you with post-project tweaks and maintenance issues.

    What you can achieve by using Codelgniter in your web development project?

    Casio computers, Feedcump, Nissan, & many big enterprises have successfully utilized Codelgniter in developing their web apps. You can also create web apps similar to these large corporations by hiring Codelgniter developers to make your ideas a reality.

    Secure Framework

    Easily Customizable

    Great Bugs Handling

    Easy Data Migration

    How Hiring Codelgniter Developer from Windzoon can help your Business?

    Codelgniter is well-known for its super speed & performance, so does our Codelgniter development team. After developing 25+ enterprise-grade projects our team has become proficient in their task. We take on every assignment that is given to us with great passion and complete it on schedule.

    100% Tailored App Development

    We transform your business ideas into reality as per your needs.

    100% Data Migration Solution

    We have experts who can make the migration simple & more accessible.

    100% Budget-Friendly Service

    We cater services that will meet your business requirements & suit your budget.

    100% Usage of Trending Technologies

    We integrate cutting-edge mechanisms to build an optimum app solution.

    100% Dedicated CodeIgniter Developers Team

    We are a team of designers who are dedicated take your project's responsibilities & deliveries.

    100% Integration with 3rd party APIs

    We can effectively integrate 3rd party services to your site with diverse APIs.

    Codelgniter Project Execution Models

    Are you in search of Codelgniter web development services? We have the most flexible & cost-effective models to choose from. Select any one of them to collaborate with expert Codelgniter developers.
    Fixed Cost

    Fixed Cost

    This model ensures that a fixed budget is set, regardless of the time & expertise spent. This model allows you to develop and stick to a specific budget.

    Dedicated Hire

    Dedicated Hire

    This particular model mostly works for projects that are likely to extend for a long period and requires multiple resources working simultaneously.

    Hourly Model

    Hourly Model

    Under this model, you can hire our developers for a fixed number of hours to complete the work. The hourly model is much more preferred by small to short-term projects.

    Resources On-site

    Resources On-site

    For a close-knit team that requires to upgrade their resources on-site and needs to have an expert on emergency bases to match up the deadlines.

    Our Digital Success Stories Told by Our Clients

    Discover the impact of Windzoon Techno Pvt Ltd through our clients' eyes. Watch these engaging video testimonials to see how our
    innovative solutions have transformed their businesses, driving growth and success in the digital world.

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    Our well-researched blogs on Codelgniter will keep you updated with the latest news & technological upgrades in the Codelgniter development industry.


    Why should I select the Codelgniter for my web development project?

    Well, Codelgnier is one of the significant PHP frameworks and provides various developmental benefits. Here are some of the top reasons behind choosing Codelgniter for your web development project.

    • Cost-effective web app development
    • Best testing & debugging facilities
    • Zero configuration
    • Smooth & secure migration
    • Simplified code structure
    • Intuitive user interface
    • SEO-optimized
    • Robust security against hacking
    • Quicker execution time

    How long and how much does it cost to create a simple CodeIgniter website?

    A custom CodeIgniter website can be built for somewhere between $1.5k and $9k. However, depending on the project and its functional requirements, it might change. Additionally, the needs and expectations of the client will affect how long it takes to construct a CodeIgniter website. However, a typical CodeIgniter website will take 20 to 25 days to construct.

    What can you do to ensure the quality of the CodeIgniter project you've developed?

    As a well-known CodeIgniter Development Company quality work is our aim. If you accept our services your project will go through several departments like design, development, quality check & testing. This will guarantee you the most effective outcomes.

    Why should I hire Windzoon for Codelgniter development services?

    Being one of the reputed Codelgniter development companies, we offer state-of-the-art Codelgniter web solutions for diverse business models. Hiring us would entitle you to get: 

    • Services of highly-skilled & experienced Codelgniter Development team
    • A secure & user-friendly Codelgniter development that caters to your unique requirements
    • 24/7 maintenance & support service
    • On-time delivery of the project
    • 100% after-sale satisfaction

    Which Codelgniter services do you offer in your company?

    At Windzoon, we provide various Codelgniter services to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. Following is the list of our Codelgniter services.

    • Codelgniter Web Development
    • Codelgniter E-Commerce Development
    • Codelgniter Customization Services
    • Codelgniter Plugin & Module Development
    • Codelgniter Backend Development for Mobile App
    • Codelgniter Integration With Third-Party APIs
    • Codelgniter Migration & Upgradation Services
    • Codelgniter Maintenance & Support Services

    How do I hire a competent Codelgniter developer?

    It’s difficult to come across natural talent. But if you want the best, look no further. Windzoon’s expert Codelgniter developers will assist you in reaching your goal! And to hire us, you only need to visit our website and speak with one of our experts!

    How can I communicate with the development team working on my project?

    You can communicate with the development team via phone, chat, skype, & email.

    What am I supposed to do if I require any modifications in my Codelgniter web app development by your company?

    Our team consists of experienced and professional Codelgniter programmers. They’ll always help you with the modification. We possess the necessary aptitudes, information, and expertise to preach even the most complicated changes.

    Do you provide maintenance & support services even after the development?

    Indeed, we provide free support & maintenance services for a certain period after the completion of the project. After that certain period also we will be there to provide maintenance & support services at nominal charges.

    Do you make NDA and provide other IP protection for my project?

    Yes, we do make Non-Disclosure Agreements. So, rest assured you will have complete ownership of your Codelgniter project, including NDA, Source code, Copyright, Intellectual Property rights, etc.

    What if I’m not satisfied with the development work and want to back off from the project?

    We don’t think you would ever have to face this problem with us because we always deliver the best we can. Still, if you are unsatisfied with our final product and need some changes, we will surely work on that. However, if you need some additional features that require extra work & resources, you will be charged for those additional changes.