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Google lens is there in Google’s largest advertising in 2017, but this launch is primarily Google’s pixel-like feature. If you are waiting for more phones to come up with a Google lens, then you know that the day has finally arrived. In Google I / O 2018, Google announced that Google’s loans come on a lot of phones, and the app is now available for download on Google Play.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an app inside Google Photo and you can be used to identify items for a special picture on the app. The app works very nice, if you find out about old monuments and things

Google Lens is a super-powered version of Google Lens, and it’s similar to Samsung’s buyback vision. It will enable you to make things like pointing your phone to a specific flower, such as a thing, and then ask Google’s assistant to point out the object you are pointing to. You just do not say the answer, but you get support on the same thing as flowers, in the case of flowers.

Other examples of what Google lenses can do include the ability to take a picture of the SSID sticker behind a Wi-Fi router, then your phone will not automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network. Yes, under your carrier to read the password while typing on your phone and crawling now, lens with Google, you can actually point and shoot for your campaign with digital marketing company in India.

What it can do?

Google lenses will also identify restaurants, clubs, cafes and bars, which will show you the time with reviews, address details, and pop-up windows. It is the ability to identify emoji’s toes, which is a little fun, but it is a drink, and will try and find out what it is.

We tried to make this ceremony white wine glass. It does not suggest alcohol, but it does not indicate the full range of other alcoholics, so you can tap to see it, how to make them, and more about it. It’s quick and very clever, what we really love is that it’s the type of drink and it just suggests things.

How does Google lens work?

Google Lens App

If you want to go straight to the features, then there is a standalone app for Google’s Google license on Android. You reach the Google lens through a full range of other methods – Expand down – but the lens app will be most effective. Indeed, the experience is similar to what you take and by tapping the lens icon in Google Support you can take it through the same view that you can get straight to the lens app.

Google Assistant

Within the Google Assistant you see a Google lens icon in the bottom right corner. You can tap and direct your smartphone camera, for example, when you exit or show a gag location notification board.

Later you can submit many suggestions in Visfinder, for example, listen to some songs from artists, get tickets for events by ticket masters, or add your calendar to the event. It is easy to use lenses to get information to not write it. You will be able to call for numbers, for example, do not remember them or write yourself. Google Lens is now integrated into Google supporting in a wide range of Android devices not just pixel phones.

Google Photo

Within Google Photos, Google lens builders or places can be identified, for example, to present users with suggestions and open hours for them. Introducing information on a famous work of this art will also enable it to solve the argument whether Mona Lisa is white or not. While browsing your images in Google Photos, you will see a Google lens icon at the bottom of the window. Tapping on the icon scanning dots will appear on your picture and then the Google agreement will be completed. Then, Google lens is now the location in Google Photo in a wide range of Android Tools.

Camera App

In some Android phones, your camera app is added directly to the Google lens device. This functionality is now rolling, so we do not have the opportunity to verify it yet, though we suspect that the implementation as described above will be similar.


The Google Lens is a latest technology powered by artificial intelligence. The technology combines Google assistant, Google photos and camera app all together. It works depending on what it sees and looks anyway. This feature is essential for you to improve the digital marketing strategies along with the digital marketing company India.

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