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Google’s drive towards Augmented Reality is more steadfast than ever. Recently, Google declared itself as the AI-First company, at its annual developer conference 2017.

Google highly aspires to the revamp the camera technology with its futuristic Google Lens. The technology aims to create a product that encompasses Google’s computer vision and AI together in the Smartphone camera.

This camera would be able to determine the objects with the help of their attributes. What would be smarter than this!!

Soon your cam will identify the things right before the click. You can connect your phone to nearest Wi-Fi network by taking a photo of the sticker on the router.

No… It’s not The End… there is lot more to Google Lens. This technology extensively grabbed the attention of people who are habituated to communicate through pictures beyond the texts.

Within no time the AI lens became the most awaited technology among people. Lens illustrates the AI uses in the physical world. With the help of this lens, your camera will act as your virtual assistant and search box, where you can simply click photo to get information about different objects.
For instance, if you snap a picture of a flower, your camera will smartly tell you about its species by retrieving information from the web.

Moreover, this camera assistant will let you know about reviews and other information of the restaurant or store, by blinking your cam lens over the storefront.  

This is what exactly Google aims to do- evolve information with the help of visual media. Typing will shortly become old-fashioned as it is time for snapping pictures for fetching information from the web.

Cameras are generally used to capture the world around you but this technology will allow you to interact with the world.

Till the date, Google’s web search assistant and voice search assistant engrossed the people who searched with any of the means, by providing the required information. Now the tech giant is on a verge to unfold its AI assistant in the form of a camera lens. Google incorporated this lens with the company’s most used application, Google Photos, which engaged with half billion people in last two years.

Remarkably, Google is an indivisible part of our phone, even though its own devices like Pixel were not successful. It is inevitable that the company is directing its efforts to launch new technologies that find optimum utilities in our life.

Along with all these augmented reality features, Google Lens will also enable your camera to take extremely enhanced photos. Just for say, it will be able to automatically edit the background of an image without the help photoshop and other software. You can simply remove the object out of the photo with this smart cam. The lens will be smart enough to automatically improve the lighting effects and would create a blur-free picture for you.

I hope one day the tech giant will launch a telescopic lens in the Smartphone so that people like us can experience the out of the universe things. For now, the company doesn’t announce when it is going to launch its AI boosted Lens with the Smartphone but let’s wish to have it soon in the market.

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