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Google has confirmed on twitter that they are released a “Broad Core Algorithm Update” With this update, the Google said that they are not targeting any low-quality websites anymore. Additionally, they said that there is nothing wrong to fix in sites that lose ranking because of the Algorithm update.

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Every day, Google proceeds one or more changes to improve better search results. The Broad core Algorithm Update is different. This update will happen several times per year. But its impact is more significant and far-ranging than targeting specific points. That changes are focused on specific improvements.

Broad Core Algorithm Update Clues,

——> This update is focusing on providing better search results to users.
——> There is nothing wrong with your SEO if your site drops the ranks.
——> There is no “fix” to recover from lost ranking positions.
——> The update is focusing on the content but there’s not an issue with low- quality content.

Why Google May Have Been More Transparent

Usually, Google is not providing any information about its updates but this time, it’s different. This time Google announces its update on Twitter with few details. The SEO industry assuming that the core algorithm update mainly focuses on targeting and low-quality web pages. The reason behind introducing Broad Core Algorithm is to improve in provide the best answer to a search query.

Google’s Algorithm Does More than Target Low Quality

There is a huge difference between the targeting low-quality web pages and an algorithm that finds the best relevant answers to a search query. With every update, most of the people in the SEO business think that the Google’s algorithm is obsessed with targeting low quality to the dismissal of improvements to responding to search queries.

Transitioning from High-Quality Content to Understanding your Customers Long ago, the mantra for the SEO industry was “content is king”, means your focus is on creating good quality content. But Google was also focused on identifying and demoting what it considered was “low quality” content. Today, Google is instead focused on working out users, What they are searching to get an answer.

If you don’t know, that when you type into google,”How much will web designing companies charge? then that is a transactional query. If you search.”How to find the local web designing company?” then it is an informative query.

With google updates, now Google is focused on giving answers and not on the high quality. So, if your users ask the question, then your goal is to serve better intent with keywords that reflect the answers.


Google is changing its algorithm every day, but Broad Core Algorithm Changes are routinely several times per year. The main algorithm evolution is the delivery of the purpose behind user intent, and this begins with identifying just what user intent is and how to provide it. Google says that the positive response of your site visitor to your content makes your content greater.

Keywords are still necessary but going into the head of your users is even more necessary for online success. But the main thing to focus on is How convenient your content is, how easy it is to find an answer.

Written by Nilesh Pujara

Nilesh Pujara is the CEO & Founder of Windzoon Technologies. He is mastered in computer application but his love for IT and marketing has driven him toward the field of digital marketing. Nilesh Pujara is handling the operations of a digital marketing strategist for more than 10+ years and has expertise in SEO, SMO, & PPC.

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