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“We have 3 updates a day on average. I think it’s pretty safe to assume there was one recently… ” said Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst.

Isn’t it cool for SEO and webmaster community..??

“Actually it’s freezing for them”

Everything revolves around Google Algorithms ranking updates. Webmaster and SEO cliques are highly affected by latest updates from Google that targets the link attributes of the algorithms.

Let me tell you more about what exactly Fred has encountered for us.

Paranoia is observed since March 8th in the SEO industry, the reason behind this confusion is fluctuations witnessed in the website traffics, all these turns towards the Google’s unconfirmed updates in the Algorithm. These updates are now popularly known as ‘Fred updates’.

However, what does it target?

According to the Search Engine Land’s blog post, these current update targets ad heavy, low-value content and affiliated sites. This target criterion is determined on the basis of research conducted on the 100 affected websites. All these sites have attended 50 to 90 percent of traffic decline.

Probably this massive decline is a result of stupendous content that is heavily stuffed in a website along with affiliate links and ads.

So, what are ad heavy and low-quality content websites?

Here, if we put it in a simple way, websites aim at earning high revenue by heavy traffic on the website and users clicking on the ads and affiliate links in the content.

We can differentiate low value and affiliated websites examining few similar traits like-

  • Content is heavily stuffed with keywords
  • Freakish amount of ads those are inseparable from the content in any way.
  • Most of the content is in text form there is less number of graphical and virtual content
  • The content is less concerned with user’s query.

In a meantime, we hope that your site remains risk-free from this algorithm attack. For now, you have focused on rich content that fathoms users’ queries and contains a balanced amount of ads and affiliate links. If you are following this intact strategy, then you are on a right way, keep going..!!

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