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AngularJS| Ionic Framework| Xamarin

“Wanna get hybrid App? Which framework would be best for your App?”

This blog will help you to dig in the technicalities of the App development and let you select the most appropriate Hybrid app development framework as per the requirement of your purpose.

Although there are many open source scripting languages but in one or the other sense, these frameworks are relevant to each other. There is the whole lot of frameworks but very few are well known and well used by the developers.

In real world contexts, every business wants to have a robust SDK for development of their cross-platform application. The ideal feature of script consists of its reusable codes through which developer can use the same codes again to develop multiple applications for all starring operating systems. It works on the principle of “Write Once and Use everywhere” frameworks and it also plays a crucial role in cutting down the cost of application development.

Here, we have discussed 3 most prominent scripting frameworks widely used for developing a hybrid application. It is quite difficult to find out which is the best among these 3 open-source frameworks. So, let’s see its detail.

    • IONIC:

Ionic is definitely the most loved and developers friendly mobile app development framework. In fact, it is perfect and sufficient software development Kit which allows developers to create hybrid mobile applications using CSS, HTML5, and Sass. It provides a variety of UI designs to build an interactive and attractive app.

If a business requires high speed and better performance of native application then hybrid approach with the Ionic platform is the perfectly appropriate. It acquires JavaScript, MVVM framework and AngularJS to strengthen apps.

Soonly, the team of Ionic will launch an easier way to create hybrid apps with the Ionic creator. It will enable drag and drop functionality to initiate app development in less time.

  • AngularJS:

AngularJS is adding charm to the native app development since long. It is JavaScript framework and adds HTML attributes with the directives and binds data to it. AngularJS 2.0 is an extended version featuring Model View Model (MVVM) and Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, resulting in the rich mobile application. It extends HTML vocabularies for hybrid app development and results into the readable, expressive and speedy app development process.

This platform serves at its best when it is used for creating a single-page application under which every feature can be modified and replaced to fit your distinct requirements and feature needs. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries like Ionic.

  • Xamarin:

Xamarin is a streamlined open source platform for developing native android, iOS and windows apps. It helps to create hybrid apps for multiple operating systems sharing C# codebase, IDE, language, and APIs. It provides a varied range of native UI, API access, and better performance.

Xamarin is embedded with native user interface control. It provides platform-specific hardware system for composing native performance. It also furnishes all kind of platform and device specific functionalities.

It is easy to use and easy to understand framework as it enables developers to share projects that include sharing of codes, images, and media across all cross-platforms. It comprises of an integrated backend that adds powerful security such as authentication and encryption.

You can use any of the Frameworks but it should be kept in a note that SDK you select is proper for your enterprise. The combination of the two frameworks can also be used to develop a distinct and high-performance app, such as Ionic is commonly used with some functionality of AngularJS. Even it is possible to write custom plugins according to the needs of criteria.

Now, I would let you decide the best out of Ionic, AngularJS, and Xamarin mobile app development frameworks, for your aspiring enterprise application. Good Luck.

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