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For any online business, the website is still its top priority. It is important for any web design company in india to create a website which conveys the message, and the purpose of the brand easily to the visitors. Also, the web design services provider have to be updated with the market trend. Because if you don’t consent about it now may be your website which is looking modern today could look outdated tomorrow. Here are the 5 trends which every web design company in India need to consider in 2018,

1. Animation:

In 2018 Animation is very much in web development. Animation brings the motive of the brand in life. This is effective when it is for the homepage. As people don’t like to read but they like to see the thing. Right Animation gives your audience the right message also, it helps your website in a decrease in bounce rate. Animation increases the amount of time a user spends on your website.

An animation shows your brand as digital savvy as it shares its story in an effective way. Animation tactics are becoming more trending because of animated logos and GIFs. Also, adding animation keeps users on your website during the waiting period, such as page loading and in the submission process.

2. Bolder color palette:

Nowadays more and more web design services providers are moving away from a safe color palette and adopting unique color themes that are vivid, bright, and bold. Designers know that the vibrant, bright colors attract users attention very well. With the update in technology and highly advanced laptop and mobile screen, it is easy for a designer to add and mix different colors to make his website looks blowing in the socks of the viewers.

3. Mobile-first design:

As in 2017, smartphones are taking an inseparable part of every one of us daily lives. There are over 3.5 billion people worldwide own a smartphone. So the Google added another chapter in their attempt to deliver a satisfying user experience. Google updates mobile first index because they want to improve the mobile user experience and make the web-friendly view. With this update, the web designer introduces the clever navigation styles, different navigation menus, and aggressively UX-focused design that packs huge amounts of information on a 5.5-inch screen.

4. Images with a twist:

Images on websites are not the part which helps you in attracting your audience. The images nowadays help your brand in convey the underlying message. With this trend, web designers are supporting and using more and more creative artwork with the aim of visually enticing the website visitors as well as it conveys the message of the brand.

5. Micro-interactions:

With the 2018 micro-interaction is the next big thing in web design. With the advent use of mobile, they focus on UI/UX. Web designers are getting familiar with micro-interaction. Micro-interactions are small events that culminate when a user performs an action on a website or web-app. It is designed to make the users feel a sense of fluidity with the browsing experience. Example like the swiping actions of Tinder.

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