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Angular is a TypeScript-based front-end web application development framework. Also, it is known as one of the most popular frameworks for developing a web application. The Angular team has recently released the new version of Angular 7.0. This new version is a major release for the web development company in India as well as worldwide. This includes the main core framework, the CLI and Angular material. For more let’s look at some of the new features of Angular 7.0 –

Features of Angular 7.0

1. CLI Get New Features

The CLI of Angular has updated version 7.0.2 and added some advanced features now it will prompt users while typing common commands, which can help you to discover built-in features like SCSS support or routing. This can be more beneficial while creating new projects. The documentation on for Angular CLI now includes reference material.

2. Speed up the application performance

Continuing to focus on performance, The v7 of Angular helps Angular developers analyse the common mistake that occurs across the ecosystem. Also, it helps in increasing the performance of the application by automatically removing and adding the reflected metadata into the files. With the help of Bundle Budget Website development company India, to speed up the performance of the new application can give a warning if the final bundle is more than 2MB and error at 5MB. Also, now a developer of the best web development company in India can easily change these budgers in the angular.json file.

3. Angular Material

For Angular Material and the CDK – Component Dev Kit, The v7 of Angular visual improvements from the Material Design 2018 refresh. The developers of the best web development company in India can now take advantage of virtual scrolling and Drag and Drop with the newly added ScrollingModule and DragDropModule.

Virtual Scrolling loads elements from the DOM based on the different visible parts of a list, users can dynamically load and unload parts of the DOM to build high-performing, large lists of data.

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Drag and Drop support in the CDK covers all the automatic rendering parts as the user moves items and helper methods for reordering lists and transferring items between lists. Also, some website development company India can customize the drag area using the handle.

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Written by Dharti Thakkar

Dharti Thakkar is a professional PHP web developer with more than 8+ years of experience. She has mastered computer applications and started her career as a PHP developer. Dharti Thakkar has expertise in Laravel and many other PHP frameworks and likes to write blogs on these disciplines.

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