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Are you looking for CodeIgniter development services?

But not aware of what this PHP framework has in stock for you?

Stay tuned to this blog as we will be discussing the top reasons and features of the CodeIgniter framework in depth.

The web development industry has seen a dramatic shift in the last decade and the adaptation continues to date. CodeIgniter framework has extended numerous routes for businesses to expand & generate revenue. With an impressive & responsive website, you can convert a lot of potential audiences into leads.

So, if you are all up to building an attractive website, you should consider CodeIgniter. A trustworthy CodeIgniter Framework Development Company supports you and builds the best & accurate solution for you. Among all the PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is the easiest and most powerful to build websites and apps on.

Web frameworks technologies market share
Web frameworks technologies market share

As per research, the CodeIgniter framework covers 5% of the market share in frameworks.

More than 105,000 websites are created on CodeIgniter. Most of them are from India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, and 38 other countries. And the usage of the Codeigniter framework has always grown upwards.

CodeIgniter Usage Statistics
CodeIgniter Usage Statistics

So now, without any further ado let’s discuss the CodeIgniter framework in depth!

What is CodeIgniter Web Development?

CodeIgniter framework is an open-source PHP-based framework with a little footprint.

It is flawless for designers who need an easy and functional toolkit to design apps with a wide array of attributes. To create a vibrant web & app, to get valuable features, and to create code from scratch CodeIgniter is a preferable pick.

It incorporates plugins, libraries, and additional attributes that enable difficult approaches and functions. As a designer, if you have to create a website or app from scratch, it will take you days that won’t end. But, with the support of the CodeIgniter framework, you can finish projects faster.

What are the features of the CodeIgniter Framework?

1. It embraces the Model, View, and Controller architecture.

2. Most coding frameworks are created on MVC as it is effortless to Configure.

3. CodeIgniter framework is easy to use and extend your project on.

4. The security & safety tools are already built into the framework. With this, you get to determine the level of security that you require.

5. CodeIgniter framework has a very dynamic and constantly evolving community.

Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter for your Next Web Development Project

10 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter for your Next Web Development Project
10 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter for your Next Web Development Project

1. Quick development of the web app

CodeIgniter framework is a platform where designers require very less time to design websites and apps. This framework helps developers to complete their tasks swiftly with excellent accuracy. It is often said that CodeIgniter is the epitome of smart & accurate work. It enables designers to finish their tasks with minimal coding.

2. Ease in fixing errors or bugs

When developing an effective app, CodeIgniter is unanimously preferred.

The most prominent USP of the CodeIgniter framework is that it is easy to find bugs that are hidden in your website from performing optimally. No one likes a slow-loading site that freezes or suddenly collides with the browser. Developers always pick CodeIgniter who likes to design a website that is free of bugs. It allows them to create websites with minimum errors with supreme quality.

3. Used for different platforms

The capability to see the web or app on different platforms is one of its most crucial characteristics of it. CodeIgniter framework performs well on different platforms without any distractions.

4. Easily customizable

Designers are always required to design websites as per their client’s specifications. To meet their expectations they need to do little tweaks here & there without taking too much time. This framework is easy & quite convenient.

CodeIgniter framework also offers designers the to simply write the code & easy configuration. Due to easy customization features, the app or website is prepared in less time.

5. Safe & secure Framework

Anyone would pick an enhanced & secured website to make sure that your site is protected from all cyber threats. CodeIgniter framework delivers rock-solid guard through various characteristics and security-rich connectivity. CodeIgniter framework is laced with decryption & encryption structures that allow designers to handle data wisely.

6. Amazing Testing Facilities

CodeIgniter’s step-by-step testing facility is an amazing reason why picking this framework can be the best choice. It is vital for any app to test it before launching. It allows designers to observe various functional levels.

With this innovative testing mechanism, designers can try & test the app at different stages without entirely designing it.

7. Strong & Template-rich Solutions

Utilizing pre-built templates in any development procedure is becoming very common these days. They accelerate the development and deliver fast solutions. CodeIgniter framework has an in-built templating machine that allows designers to understand the project right from the initial stage.

8. Easy to Configure

This is a prominent reason why CodeIgniter is a successful PHP framework. As it is based on MVC, it has a transparent configuration.

To start with it, you just have to download the latest version of CodeIgniter. After that, you have to unzip the folder, install a few things as per the direction, and you are set to operate it.

9. Better SEO

Every business aims to rank high to attract immense traffic. This framework supports you jump high in Google rankings. Its ingenious characteristics boost the overall transformation of any site. Also, you don’t have to make extreme modifications to your site’s structure or design.

By utilizing CodeIgniter, you can take advantage of its characteristics for SEO. Attributes like SEO URL enhances the search engine optimization of your website. For this, you can effortlessly Hire CodeIgniter developer to create an SEO-friendly site for your project.

10. Model-View-Controller design

CodeIgniter framework works on Model view controller (MVC) design.

It further strengthens the reliability of any platform. This framework is also widely named CodeIgniter speed optimization. CodeIgniter framework boosts the development procedure and allows vital integration with other frameworks.


No entrepreneur desires to have simple and static websites that have existed before. The advent of PHP like CodeIgniter framework expedites the development of dynamic web & apps.

There are dozens of PHP frameworks to pick from. And each of them has its own pros and cons. But the CodeIgniter framework has evolved to be an amazing framework that helps build top-notch applications.

So, are you looking for the best CodeIgniter Development Service?

You can make the right decision by picking our skillful team. At Windzoon, we offer Custom-Built Mobile applications & Web Solutions for your Business. Contact us at to get a quote or know more about our services.

Written by Nilesh Pujara

Nilesh Pujara is the CEO & Founder of Windzoon Technologies. He is mastered in computer application but his love for IT and marketing has driven him toward the field of digital marketing. Nilesh Pujara is handling the operations of a digital marketing strategist for more than 10+ years and has expertise in SEO, SMO, & PPC.

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