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Being a character of science fiction movie or your favorite video game would be really exciting, right!! Experiencing life which is apart from the conventional, something exceptional which all smartphone users expects from devices. A Game consisting of a ghost in your bedroom can make you feel the real thrill or running after some imaginary creature which you perceived throughout your childhood can be arousing.

Such thrilling experiences are developed and dispensed through smartphones, now-a-days smartphones are well equipped with the technologies which robust the users virtual experience. Mobile phones since the era of simple keypad phones till now at the edge of the touch screen and sensory technology in smartphones has changed the perception of the users. Camera setups with high-end technology are admired by users in order to achieve and capture the most accurate piece of their memories and Dual camera setups smartphones are on top of this list.

Here, to escort such experience, the combination of two smart and booming technologies in single wrap is launched. Augmented reality is one of thistechnology to infervariety of user experiences. Augmented reality creates magic world around users which allow them to experience computer generated sensory, sound, graphics and videos. Devices such as smart glasses by Google, works on the bases of the principle of augmented reality. Many applications and video games give tremendous experience to users by developing such imaginary environment for users. On the other hand at the edge of the technology dual camera smartphones changed the world of mobile technology and photography. Dual camera smartphones would let their users to get photographical results as such of DSLR cameras. The rare and most significant combination of dual camera smartphones along with augmented reality would boost the user’s virtual adventure.

Smartphones featured with “dual cameras” lead its users to persist explicit or implicit view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer procreated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Augmented reality is a technology that combines virtual reality with the real world.  Game applications like Pokémon GO has bring the concept of augmented reality into the light. Dual camera set up smartphones are now able to run applications which helps its users to experience augmented reality in their smart devices.

Manufacturers try to design a camera of smartphones in such a manner that it can give effects like a professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. The main reason behind the rise in dual cameras is physical necessity and to provide more enhanced and real experience to the users of dual camera smartphones. Physically, it is not possible to attach the adjustable zoom lens like DSLR in the thinnest smartphones of this era.Alternatively, creating a camera zoom features in software is generally used, but it sacrifices with the quality of the image. But now it is possible to have smartphones with twin cameras at different focal lengths, for example, one wide and other telephoto, offers more benefits. Apple’s iphone7 plus is adequate with this feature and as being a trend setter in mobile technology Apple has begun the era of the phones which would provide its users with the advent of augmented reality in their smartphone and smart watches.

In this era of technological boom, the software creating augmented reality are highly in demand by mobile manufacturers. It has become more robust software with each passing decade. There are many applications which runs on the augmented reality concept. By the development of this software in wide range of smartphones, it will lead to the more use of applications which supports and run on the bases of augmented reality.Applications and games which support combination of virtual and real world generally excite the users and it can make them addicted to the use of it. The use of augmented reality in the dual camera smartphones would boost up the development of many such new killer applications and games. On the other hand dual camera smart phone would support maps and GPS and many new technologies which are user friendly and useful.

Thus, if we consider the current scenario of augmented reality with the reference to the dual camera feature of the smart phones then we can observe both pros and cons on our screen. Pros in the sense that it would revolutionize the technology, which were traditionally used for professional photography and also it would increase the number of games and applications based on the concept of augmented reality. As if we consider the cons related to augmented reality’s status in the dual camera smartphones, then it might support and helps to develop killer applications and games which are addictive and harmful for humans.

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