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One of the most common and important questions asked by any in the small to medium online business is, “Which is the best option between SEO – search engine optimization or PPC – pay-per-click for the brand?” Definitely, the answer is not simple but it worth asking. In order to make the decision first, you need to understand what are the advantages of using SEO and PPC.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Basically, SEO is a technique to generate leads organically or naturally. SEO is a way you can optimize your web pages to enhance their ranking in the natural search results. It includes making sure that the website is in good shape, the site utilizes clean codes and search engine friendly content.

The three most effective ways to improve ranking with SEO by Hire Dedicated SEO Expert are blogging, social media marketing and video sharing.

Advantages of Organic SEO:

1 === SEO is very cost effective method, as the labor costs of managing and running the PPC campaign is more than the labor costs of SEO, also after the completion of the campaign you need to pay for the continuous clicks.

2 === With the help of hiring a dedicated SEO expert, the SEO can result in you as a long-lasting. The well-maintained site can be at the high position in the search for the long.

3 === Once you get a particular position, the position is relatively stable whereas PPC ad continuously change its position depends on the competitors’ bidding tactics.

PPC / Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When you pay for visitors or clicks from Google or from any other search engines is known as PPC advertising. For quick results or for short campaign hiring a PPC company in India leverage your business in getting more traffic on selected keywords.

Advantages of PPC:

====> PPC campaign gives you immediate traffic, clicks, and conversion on selected keywords. On the opposite SEO can take a month or sometimes more than a month in resulting.

====>  PPC is a controllable activity, by setting a particular budget you can get particular leads in return.

====>  Using a PPC from the PPC company in India means now you don’t have to worry about any search engine algorithm and impacts of the activities in your position. Here you bid to get the top spot so your organic rank isn’t going to matter.

Both the SEO and PPC campaign tend to lead to the best results in your business. Depending on the budget and time you can select any one of them.

For more detail about the use of SEO and PPC on your business, you can get the help of an expert at Windzoon Technologies. To get more details or solve any doubt contact on +91 9904713335 or

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