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Technologies are evolving at the speed of light. And the advancement in computer technology is happening much faster than ever before. One of the most important aspects of this technological advancement is the internet. Nowadays, it has become the most important medium to find any information in the blink of an eye.

And the source that provides information on the internet is websites. Currently, numerous programming languages are used in web development. These languages include PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and Python.

However, given the variety of alternatives, picking the best programming language for web development could be challenging. But don’t worry; I will help you to overcome this challenge. And for that, I’ll discuss the advantages of one such programming language, PHP.

Through this article, you’ll learn what PHP is, why PHP is so popular & how to hire a PHP Web Development company for your project.

So, let’s begin our journey of knowledge by addressing the first question: What is PHP Framework, and Why PHP Framework is Still Popular & Widely Used?

What is PHP Framework?

PHP, commonly referred to as Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side programming language used in web development. Rasmus Lerdorf first developed it in 1994 and then made it public in the early months of 1995.

This programming language is mostly used to create dynamic and interactive web content, eCommerce websites, session tracking, and databases. It was one of the first open-source server-side languages in the development community to be integrated into HTML. Developers can use it on all major operating systems. As a result, it is easier to integrate additional web pages without having to load external files data when they are accessed.

PHP is also compatible with some well-known databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server.

PHP, along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is a popular open-source programming language for web development. It was first released in 1995. The PHP programming language was developed to create interactive and dynamic websites.

Usage Statistics of Server-side Programming Languages for Websites
Usage Statistics of Server-side Programming Languages for Websites

According to W3techs, it powers approximately 77.3% of all websites, including some well-known sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. PHP’s popularity is eight times greater than its closest competitor, ASP.NET.

Why is PHP Still Widely Used?

Given the popularity of modern languages like Python and Ruby, it is apparent that PHP is no longer the preferred programming language. However, PHP is not dead, despite what everyone thinks. In contrast, it is still among the most popular programming languages. Developers throughout the world value its numerous advantages over other programming languages. Here we described, Top 11 reasons why you should choose PHP for your next web application development project are listed below.

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP For Your Web App Development Project
Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP For Your Web App Development Project

1. It’s easy to learn and use (and that would simplify the web development process)

PHP is simple to learn, and its codes are well-organized. Anyone who can code in any language will quickly learn to code in PHP due to its simple sentence format. The quick learning curve for PHP as a scripting language is advantageous for new developers.

Additionally, the well-structured and clean code makes it simpler for new PHP developers to join the team mid-project without getting lost in the code. You’ll Hire PHP developers for your project’s objectives, and you’ll have no trouble doing it again if you decide to bring on other PHP developers later.

2. It’s open source (and therefore, it is free to use for your web development project)

PHP is free since it is an open-source server-side programming language. Utilizing PHP lowers the cost of developing your website. Besides, there are no recurring maintenance fees for PHP or any paid updates you would need to install. Simply appoint a PHP Development Company to get your website up and running.

3. It’s versatile ( and that’s why it is compatible with all the operating systems)

One of the primary advantages of PHP is that it is platform-independent. It means it can be used on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and is compatible with the majority of web browsers. PHP also supports all major web servers, making it simple to deploy on various systems and platforms at a low cost.

4. It has strong community support (that means it provides plenty of resources for development)

PHP is a seasoned scripting language that is extensively used & has a large and devoted community to back it up. There are numerous tutorials, FAQs, and tips available to assist new PHP developers and to continue pushing the language’s capabilities through regular updates.

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5. It’s fast & secure (this would increase your website’s functionality & security)

Every company wants its website or application to be both fast and secure. PHP utilizes its own memory and performs well in terms of speed, especially when using the latest versions.

There have been concerns raised about PHP’s security in the past. However, it is crucial to emphasize that it is not intrinsically more or less safe than other programming languages. But it does have some advantages over other programming languages.

One of the significant advantages is that, due to its extensive use and community support, numerous tools, frameworks, and best practices are now available to help resolve vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks.

6. It is well connected with databases (so that you can have the best database for your project)

When it comes to database connectivity, PHP is an extremely flexible language. It is compatible with many different databases, including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others.

Although MySQL is the most commonly used database with PHP, other databases can also be used to build a PHP web application. PHP’s database versatility allows it to be leveraged in a variety of application environments to create bespoke web apps or websites.

7. It is tried and tested (that would make it more stable & trusted by the developers)

One significant advantage of being around for 25 years is that PHP code has been tested in various real-life settings. The major bugs have been identified and addressed, making the language more reliable and trustworthy among developers.

Furthermore, various frameworks and tools have been developed throughout time to assist in making PHP web development more secure, faster, and effective.

8. It is scalable and flexible (which makes it a best-suited option for custom web development)

Change is necessary for businesses, whether they are expanding or starting new ventures. A successful website or application should be able to accommodate this changing need in a seamless and efficient manner.

As a result, scalability should always be on a developer’s mind. They need to design a flexible and scalable website that can accommodate an expansion or contraction of a program without upsetting the site’s users.

Developers have used PHP for over two decades to create flexible web applications. It is highly scalable and simple to create dynamic web pages.

PHP allows you to modify your code at any point in the software development life cycle. Programmers don’t need to rewrite the code or command function.

Moreover, the scripting language is able to handle large traffic loads and multiple requests at once.

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9. It provides robust solutions with PHP frameworks (for quick & easy web development)

Many frameworks based on PHP have been developed, allowing developers to create web apps easily. Businesses can benefit from frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Yii, and others.

Developers can use these frameworks to create high-quality web apps or websites. Most of these frameworks support MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which speeds up coding and allows developers to develop effective solutions.

10. It works well with CMSs (this would allow you to use CMS for your project)

One significant benefit of using PHP as your web development technology is that it is commonly used in a variety of content management systems. Many of the most popular CMSs, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, and others, are written in PHP or are powered by a PHP-based framework.

You will be able to work with a variety of CMSs if you use PHP as the primary technology for your PHP website development project. A content management system based on PHP can be used to create high-functional & customized websites.

11. It is compatible with cloud solutions (to make your web app solution future-ready)

Many modern web solutions now use cloud computing solutions such as Amazon Web Services for a variety of purposes. Even various cloud services, including AWS Lambda, for instance, support PHP-based applications.

As a result, PHP web apps can be deployed on a cloud server and obtain great scalability and other benefits. Furthermore, PHP has replaced other coding languages in such implementations since the field of cloud computing is not dominated by them.

After learning about the reason behind the rising popularity & usefulness of PHP, let’s go ahead to know:

Top Brands that Use PHP for their Web App Development

Many prominent industry leaders regard PHP as one of the most demanding frameworks due to its excellent scalability and robust security. Below we have listed some well-known companies that have used PHP in their web applications.

Top Brands that Use PHP for their Web App Development
Top Brands that Use PHP for their Web App Development

1. Yahoo

2. Facebook

3. Wikipedia

4. Tumblr

5. WordPress

6. MailChimp

7. Flickr

8. Canva

9. Slack

10. Etsy

11. Spotify

12. Peloton

13. Pfizer

14. Drupal

15. Magento

16. Moodle

Now, let’s move forward toward our last but most important question.

How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company for Your Project?

Suppose you don’t have PHP development skills or don’t want to hire in-house PHP developers. The decision to hire professional PHP developers can be a wise one.

A dedicated PHP Development Company will save you time and money while delivering high-quality results. Take the actions listed below when hiring a PHP web development company.

Step 1: First, look over the company’s portfolio.

Step 2: Navigate to their website.

Step 3: Go through the testimonials on their site or business listing websites.

Step 4: Examine their total work experience through their case studies.

Step 5: Inquire about the methodologies & technologies they use.

Step 6: Obtain the Questionnaire from the PHP development company.

Step 7: Do they fit within your financial constraints? Request a price quote.

Step 8: Evaluate their customer support services.


We hope our article has satisfied your curiosity regarding PHP & reasons behind its still intact popularity. Now, you aren’t left with any doubts regarding the competence of PHP for your web development project.

Because for a business, a website is a medium that connects it with its potential customers. And also help it to increase its revenue by increasing its conversion rate.

That’s why it is essential to build a website that attracts & engages visitors. And to develop a user-friendly website, you’ll require the help of a prominent Web Development Company.

With 10+ years of experience in developing PHP web app solutions, Windzoon is competent enough to fit this description. We have talented PHP developers who can build any complex & custom web solution.

For availing of our services, kindly visit us at to get a quote & to learn more about us.

Written by Dharti Thakkar

Dharti Thakkar is a professional PHP web developer with more than 8+ years of experience. She has mastered computer applications and started her career as a PHP developer. Dharti Thakkar has expertise in Laravel and many other PHP frameworks and likes to write blogs on these disciplines.

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