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2019 is gonna be the final chapter of the decade, undoubtedly the internet has grown and changed a lot and lot in the past 10 years. The years come with the introduction of AR, VR, AI, AMP, and many other acronyms and somehow this technology changes in web design trends.Here are the 5 web trend prediction for 2019,

1. Serifs on screen

Nowadays more and more brands are turning towards the bold serif, to expand their design such as headers and callouts. One of the main reason for this is, serif were designed to be decorative, making things perfect for emphasis. Further, serifs are also associated with the past, they have lots of character and they are highly adaptable than your thinking.

2. Natural, organic shapes

All the websites are set up for systematic grids and nowadays most of the designers are turning towards natural shapes and smooth lines. Some geometric structures likes, rectangles, squares and triangles with the sharp corners can create a sense of stability but 2019 is all about the feeling of accessibility and comfort. As organic shapes are naturally imperfect and asymmetrical, it can provide your web design a require depth to stand out the page. The ultimate goal here for web designs is to feel human and alive through the illusion of movement

3. Glitch art

Recently most of the people believe that no trends would be complete without some retro designs. Here in the web design glitches are significant. Most of us fear the machines taking over. Making available your subject as an idea and in its design execution, where it can draw the user’s eyes, double exposed and glitchy. Glitch art amplifies the feeling of disorientation by providing websites with a distinctly psychedelic look.

4. Chatbots evolve

There are chatbots available already in the market but it assumed by the best web design company in India that in 2019 they move into the spotlight. With the advancement in AI and machine learning the chatbots are becoming more intelligent and efficient. As the upgraded chatbots are showing up with more and more higher levels of customization than in the past iterations.

5. Minimalism

In the last here is the one of the classic and timeless web design which is minimalism. I often the go-to aesthetic of choice. It is assumed by the best web design company in India that the fewer element and content in the website, the less your audience will think. If web design is in the right way than the user will find exactly what he is looking for.

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