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Laravel PHP framework is simple yet easy to understand, as it is a robust MVC framework for web application development in PHP. As per expert laravel web development provider, Larvale is licensed under MIT and mainly released in the year 2011. And, it gives a set of functionalities for the development and offers better features than other PHP frameworks. Mainly, the security feature for Laravel works with the website when your website is attacked.. Hire Laravel Developer in India


When we talk about Lumen it is a microframework also, created by the same creator who creates the Laravel framework. Lumen stands for a simpler, faster, smaller version of the web application framework. Mainly, it has less configuration and different routing parameters to help in fast development with speed.

As per Laravel Web Development Services in India here are some difference between Lumen and Laravel,

==> Laravel is a framework with multiple tools and libraries supporting the development of best in class web applications. And lumen is a microframework based in the microservices. When it comes to build a small application for high speed and less time for market Lumen can be the best option.

==> When Hire Laravel Developer in India, they believe that Laravel is the best fit for all application development. In opposition to this, Lumen is made by microservices, it is a lighter serving of Laravel and devoted towards the development of various APIs, caching, cookie, logging, templates development and much more.

==>Lumen is microservice based which makes it easy to use. On the other side, Laravel is open-source which means it has a sleek architecture.

==>Laravel is a bigger one, mandates the need to learn and master the art. Where Lumen is easy to use as it does not have a sharp learning curve.

Lumen and Laravel both are PHP frameworks where Lumen has poor community support and high-performance features, Hire Laravel Developer in India, laravel has large community support with high individual contributors. Windzoon Technologies – Laravel Web Development Services in India provides the best consultancy as well as the best laravel web development services. For more details contact on, 9904713335

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