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React.js is an open source JavaScript library to improve the user interface. It lets you create a large web application that uses data which can easily be changed over time without even reloading the pages. The main benefits of React.js are its speed, scalability and simple application. React.js allows us to create reusable UI components. It also gives simpler programming model and great performance.

Why React.js?

1. React.js is a view library which is easy to apply to the existing code base and decide whether it fits or not.
2. React is isomorphic. It is much possible to use react everywhere anywhere where you can possibly execute JavaScript.
3. If you looking to bring improvement in the initial page loading and what to amp up your SEO strategy then you can use the React.js.
4. The library is Supposed by Facebook and is been used by various other companies in their rapid growth.
5. Some of the companies who have used these are Netflix, Airbnb, facebook, yahoo, are just some of the names who choose react for their production.

Pro’s of React.js

1.SEO friendly application.
2. Easy to make UI test cases
3.The component can be easily reused
4. Fast in displaying a big amount of data
5. Debugging is getting easy with a specialized chrome extension

Thus, new principles are used in web development while building an application that is built on react. As it is an excellent tool to make high performance in your application, and you can put reusable at the core of code making component generic and separate view from the logic. There are many flux implementation one can choose from, including the brand new framework.

But beyond any doubt react is a library worth to take a look at. Windzoon Technologies is an eminent React JS development company that exceeds quality service in providing open source Javascript framework. If you are also looking to improve your application from React Js then contact us today for best service.

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