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Advancements in technologies introduced ingenious solutions and alternatives that replace the old technology. Before 2015, the concept of web development contained only scripting & rendering the codes. At that time, languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP ruled the front-end & back-end web development. However, the invention of JavaScript libraries has replaced this old concept of web development.

The Front-end JavaScript framework provides imperative support in building high-gearing responsive websites & web applications. Nowadays, various front-end JavaScript libraries have sprung up like mushrooms. Choosing the right front-end library for your purpose is difficult. Because each library has its own special feature.

However, we have observed that in recent times, ReactJS has come up as the first preference for app development. Businesses are hiring reactJS development company for their app development projects.

Now you will have this question: Why do companies & developers favor ReactJS for building web applications? Well, continue with the reading, and you will find every answer.

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What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library maintained by Meta & an extensive developer community of Facebook. It is a highly functional, fast, & feature-rich front-end library. ReactJS is mostly used for building large web applications. The functionality of ReactJS made it recognized as the most famous JavaScript framework which is trusted by numerous start-ups & Fortune 500 companies.

ReactJS: Most Loved Web Frameworks
ReactJS: Most Loved Web Frameworks

Now let’s go further to know the benefits & reasons to choose ReactJS for your next web app development project. The feature that makes ReactJS one of the most preferred front-end JavaScript libraries.

Top ReactJS Features Which Make It Best For Web Development

ReactJS Features
ReactJS Features

1. JSX ( JavaScript Syntax Extension)

The best feature of ReactJS is JSX, a markup syntax similar to HTML. It significantly defines the appearance of the application’s user interface. Developers used this feature to create React components. It makes coding easy and understandable if you have sufficient knowledge of HTML & javascript.

2. Virtual DOM

Document Object Model(DOM) is the essential part of web development as it divides into various modules & executes the code. Virtual DOM represents an actual DOM that works like a one-way data binding.

It re-rendered the entire UI whenever any modification happens during development. After that, it compares the difference between the previous DOM & new DOM and will update the things that have changed. Virtual DOM enhances the application performance without any memory wastage.

3. Component-based Architecture

The ReactJS framework has component-based architecture. And each component contains its own logic & control. Moreover, these components can be reused, which speeds up the development process. Hence, makes it easier for developers to maintain code when working on large-scale projects.

4. React Native

React Native is a custom renderer for the ReactJS framework. It utilizes native components in place of web components. React Native converts the React code to make it compatible with the Android & iOS platforms. And also provides access to their native features. It significantly facilitates mobile application development for both Android & IOS.

5. Declarative UI

ReactJS is the best framework for creating responsive & engaging UIs for both web & mobile applications. It contains a Declarative UI that generates an unadorned view for each state of the application. This simplified view makes React code more readable and easier to fix bugs.

6. Debugging

ReactJS is backed by a massive developer community that makes React applications simple & easy to test. Apart from this, Facebook also provides a small browser extension that simplifies & expedites React debugging.

After learning about the features of ReactJS, let’s move toward the key benefits of react js for front-end development.

8 Reasons to Select ReactJS for Front-End Web App Development

Reasons to Select ReactJS for Front-End Web App Development
Reasons to Select ReactJS for Front-End Web App Development

React is an efficient, component-based front-end library that has unmatched scalability & excellent features. Hire ReactJS Developers to optimize the exhilarating benefits of the ReactJS framework.

1. Faster Development

Compared with other popular frameworks like Angular & Vue, React is an easy-to-learn framework. It cuts down the learning time of developers and allows them to complete their projects in record time.

2. Flexibility

React has a modular structure that makes its codes flexible & easy-to-maintain. This flexibility in code saves a considerable amount of time & cost during the app development process.

3. High-performance

ReactJS framework is designed to build high-performance & feature-rich mobile/web applications. It provides a Virtual DOM program & server-side rendering. These features make applications run faster & smoother.

4. SEO-friendly

The super-fast rendering feature of ReactJS brings down the page loading time. It enables the application to rank higher on the SERPs.

5. Cross-platform Functionality

ReactJS allows developers to work consistently on cross-platform without rewriting the existing code. It makes the app development work more convenient & faster.

6. Reusable Components

Another important benefit of ReactJS is its ability to reuse components. It saves developers time, as they do not need to rewrite codes for the same features. Besides, changes made in any particular part of the web application do not affect the other parts of it.

7. Strong Community Support

The Front-end library of ReactJS is still maintained by Facebook and its developer community. This massive community & corporate support has made ReactJS a reliable & state-of-the-art framework.

8. It Helps to Build Rich UIs

The User Interface(UI) quality plays a very essential role in the success of any application. ReactJS has advanced features & declarative components. It enables developers to build high-quality user interfaces.

Which Types of Projects to Use ReactJS?

Types of Projects can benefit from ReactJS
Types of Projects can benefit from ReactJS

ReactJS has the ability to power a variety of web applications. It can successfully develop any customized web apps ranging from Single Page Applications to ECommerce applications. For your better understanding, we have explained the various uses of ReactJS for web app development. Please take a closer look at it to remove your doubts regarding the capability of ReactJS.

1. Single Page Application

The ReactJS allows developers to build dynamic & responsive Single Page Applications(SPAs). These web applications allow users to interact with server data without reloading the page. Besides, SPAs significantly update web page content based on input from the user.

2. Enterprise Web Apps/ Large Scale Project

ReactJS has a component-based architecture that can break development projects into smaller parts by using UI components. Plus, React allows developers to reuse the components that save time & reduce cost. Therefore, ReactJS is the best option for large-scale development projects like Walmart & Airbnb.

3. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Application(PWA) is a web app that can be built with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. It provides users with the feel & functionality of an actual native app. ReactJS has an advanced JavaScript library, components & extensions that support the Progressive Web App development. Plus, it can migrate the existing ReactJS web application to Progressive Web Application(PWA).

4. ECommerce Applications

To develop an ECommerce app- APIs, elements, complex filters, and other functionalities are needed. However, React’s ability to build separate components allows developers to create feature-filled ECommerce apps.

5. Social & Interactive Applications

ReactJS is an ideal framework for building Single Page Applications that are also used for social sites. Many popular social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram are built using ReactJS. With its extensive front-end library & unique features, ReactJS helps to build a robust & feature-packed Social & Interactive application per your business needs.

Now, let’s learn about the projects that you shouldn’t develop using ReactJS.

When You Shouldn’t Use ReactJS for Your Project?

However, ReactJS can be utilized for developing varied web applications. Still, there are a few cases when you should not use ReactJS for web development.

1. A Simple Website with Less Dynamic Content

One should avoid using ReactJS when the website is too simple and doesn’t need any dynamic content. In this case, the usage of ReactJS can kill the look & functionality of that particular website.

2. Complex Admin Panels

The use of ReactJS is not advisable in the development of heavy admin panels because it requires more codes in its building. Instead of ReactJS, utilization of a back-end framework is a far better option for building typical admin panels.

3. SEO-optimized Websites with Smooth Crawling Features

ReactJS web development has certain SEO advantages like less page loading time. However, it also has one disadvantage in terms of the poor crawling ability of the React website. This disability can create a significant risk for SEO efforts on React websites.

12 Popular ReactJS Framework Web Application Examples

Companies use ReactJS Framework
Companies use ReactJS Framework

The excellent features & usability of ReactJS have made it one of the most demanding frameworks by many prominent industry leaders. Below, we have listed some famous companies who have used React in their web application.

  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)
  • Dropbox
  • Airbnb
  • Discard
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • Netflix
  • Skype
  • Udemy
  • Myntra
  • Medium
  • Pinterest


We genuinely hope that your purpose in picking this blog post is served. You aren’t left with any doubts regarding the competence of ReactJS for your project. However, to build a high-functional ReactJS application, you will require the help of a competent ReactJS Development Company.

With 10+ years of experience in developing ReactJS web app solutions, Windzoon is competent enough to fit this description. We have talented ReactJS developers who can build any type of complex & custom web solution.

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Written by Dharti Thakkar

Dharti Thakkar is a professional PHP web developer with more than 8+ years of experience. She has mastered computer applications and started her career as a PHP developer. Dharti Thakkar has expertise in Laravel and many other PHP frameworks and likes to write blogs on these disciplines.

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