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Laravel – When we talk about one of the most popular PHP framework Laravel comes one number one position. Laravel with its excellent community support and quick learning curve became a great interface to build a complex back-end system in a short time as per many laravel company India.

Yii – it is one of the most powerful yet most secured web application frameworks that enable the web application developer to create a web portal and forums in a short time frame.


when it comes to the installation part, the Yii framework is really easy as you get the ready-made template. All you need to do it to download a web application in which you will be able to access the framework smoothly. It does not require any prior experience to install the Yii framework. Laravel employs composer PHP for the installation part and at the same time has its own installer that comes with a guideline for easy installation. As per the experts of laravel company India, with the help of manual instructions, it becomes easy to install laravel.


When it comes to Yii it has a compatible migration tool that makes it very simple and efficient. On the other hand, as per the experts of Laravel India, Laravel provides the privilege to the developers to use seeders for hassle-free migration.


Both Laravel and Yii stand strong together when it comes to security because both of these frameworks provide almost equal levels of security along with multiple levels of security choices such as passwords, SQL injections, authentication, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Site Scripting along with a lot of other amazing options.


Testing one of the most important features, here Yii will be able to support a large number of tools to make the testing process easy and quick. However, it doesn’t support Codeception testing as well as PHP unit testing. As per the experts of laravel web development India when it comes to Laravel, there are many trusted testing tools such as Dom Crawler, Browser Kit, and Http Kernel.


Extensions are also important for deciding the worth and functionality of a PHP framework. And herewith Yii framework you get the access of about 2800 extensions. On the other side Laravel framework provide about 9000 in total extensions. Here you can see the huge difference between these two frameworks and you might have a lot of options if you choose Laravel. Also as per the experts of Laravel India, both Yii and Laravel are equally appealing to the customers out there.

In the end, it all depends on your project requirements. For easy access, the best option is to outsource services. Windzoon Technologieslaravel web development India expert developers know the best use of all the PHP frameworks. For more details visit us on, or chat with the team on,

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